ZampleBox June 2018 Preview | What's In The Box?

ZampleBox June 2018 Preview | What's In The Box?
What,s in the Box June 2018
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JUUUUUUUUUNNNNEE. Summer is here, and we,re gonna keep vaping. We,re gonna keep breathing out those flavored clouds, hiding ourselves from the hot, hot sun by creating our own cloud cover. But since the weather is heating up, we,re probably going to start vaping more refreshing, light e liquid flavors. Here are a few of the flavors that are going out in the box this month.

Strawberry by Atlas Vapor

Why complicate the strawberry? If it,s a sweet, ripe, tart authentically fresh tasting strawberry, what else do you need? That,s exactly what this vape juice is. It chucks clouds, too. Let this strawberry take you to the strawberry patch.

strawberry atlas.png

Maxx Coolada by Maxx Melons

What,s more refreshing than a pina colada loaded with fresh pineapple and coconut? This is a sweet, creamy pina colada. It,s got just a touch of throat hit and is the next best thing to sitting pool-side with one of these blended beverages in your hand.


Lychee Wintour by Okami

The legacy flavor of white peaches and lychee tea, with a new smooth menthol breeze added! Nice and light. Could it be your next All Day Vape?

okami lychee wintour (1).png

Powell Frisco Vapor

An authentic fruity pebble rice crispy treat. It,s a little creamy, a little fruity. There,s a lot of flavors that fit this description but this is one of the more realistic tasting ones. Put it in your tank and vpe it.


Those are some highlights for the month

But there,s tons and tons more where these came from. We hope you,re as excited to see what,s in your Zamplebox as we are.

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