When Did Vaping Start? | ZampleBox Vape School

When Did Vaping Start? | ZampleBox Vape School

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Vaping, or electronic cigarettes, have been in production for about 14 years but many people have had the idea for an electric vaporizer throughout the years. The first person recorded to come up with the idea was Joseph Robinson in 1927, in which he described a vaporizer with a heating coil wound around an asbestos core! This device was never manufactured.

The first person to invent a vaporizer as a replacement for smoking was Herbert A. Gilbert. In 1963, he filed a patent for a battery powered vaporizer that he referred to as a 'smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette'. Despite presenting many companies with his invention, it was never mass-produced.

Finally, in 2003, Hon Lik patented an electronic cigarette. A Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik experimented with several different methods of vaporization before deciding to use a high frequency, piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting element to vaporize a pressurized jet of liquid containing nicotine. His invention started being mass produced in China the following year.

Since then, there has been wave after wave of innovations and new products stemming from these first e-cigarettes. Although the vaping devices we have today use battery-powered heating elements to vaporize e-liquid and look very different from the devices used in 2004, we still have to thank these original e-cigarette manufactures for helping the industry grow into what it is today. We hope you found this video helpful. Thanks for watching.

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Mar 12th 2024 Zamplebox


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