Zamplebot - the Robot who Vapes

Zamplebot - the Robot who Vapes

What's another good word for people who vape other than vaper? Vaperino? Vapemaker? Vapist? Welp, Ian and Chris have been sick since getting back from the Electronic Cigarette Convention and were unable to come into the studio for this week's Zampletalk. So instead, we wrangled all of the best footage we have of that elusive green machine, Zamplebot, and put it into a compilation for your viewing pleasure.

Zamplebot is an impenetrable enigma to a lot of us here at the Zamplebox office. We think he means well... most of the time. Maybe he just hasn't figured out the finer details of what's considered appropriate when hanging out with humans. Things like it's not okay to knock people out and try to steal their car. We're pretty sure that he has the stamina to tear up the dance floor more than any of us though.

Let us know in the comments what you'd like to see Zamplebot get up to next. Keep on vaping, y'all. See you next week.

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-Jared & The ZB Team
Mar 11th 2024 Zamplebox


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