Your Guide to the Perfect Vape Tool Kit

Your Guide to the Perfect Vape Tool Kit

So, you,re thinking about taking the leap into building your own coils and working with more advanced vape setups but don,t know what sort of tools you might need; well look no further!

Here I have broken down the most basic vape tool kit for you and have a couple of really good recommendations, all in one, pre-assembled vape tool kits if you are looking to just buy everything together and be on your way.

The Anatomy of a Vape Tool Kit

Screw Drivers
The first most basic items that any good Vape Tool Kit will have are good screwdrivers; specifically eyeglass repair style screwdrivers with the free-spinning sections on the handles that allow you do continually turn the screwdriver without having to loosen your grip on the handle. Stanley 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set This great little kit has enough variety to fit most any vaping needs.
Pliers / Tweezers
Secondly you will need a good set of grabby, squeezy, pully, pinchy gadgets. Below I,ve outlined a few of my favorites that I think should be in every good Vape Tool Kit.
Needle Nose Pliers
Good for pulling out hard to get coils. Curved Tip Tweezers
Perfect for threading cotton and tucking it in to those hard to reach juice wells. Ceramic Tweezers
A must have for making those perfect hotspot free coils. Ceramic is non-conductive so you can use these to pinch your coils together even while you are firing them! Pinching coils together while they are red hot really helps to ensure that the coils are nice and tight and will hold their shape.
A good sharp pair of scissors is really essential to wicking on a rebuildable vaporizer. You need to be able to make sure that the cotton is cut just right so that it is not too loose or too tight in your coil so that you get the best wicking and flavor. Here are a couple basic examples of what I like to use: Fiskars Original Orange Handled Scissors
Just plain good. Sharp and long, perfect for good straight cuts and my favorite to use when building at home or the office. Folding Scissors
These little guys are perfect for when you think you might need to build or re-wick on the go. They fold up super tiny and in a safe way as well which allows you to just throw them in your pocket! All that and they come in a sweet 4-pack so you can just leave them in all of your rooms. Ohm Reader
When building coils it is super important to make sure you know how low the resistance of your coil(s) is(are) so that you can tell if your mod or battery(ies) are safe to use with those coils. An ohm reader will let you know exactly what resistance your working with and some of the fancier ones will even fire your coils for you and let you measure the resistance of wire or coils before you even install them!
Coil Master 521 Plus Tab
This is the big daddy of ohm meters. This will do everything and mow your lawn. It,s definitely a bit spendier than other options but will give you a one stop shop for building. Standard 510 Ohm/Volt Meter
This is the old school workhorse than anyone vaping for more than a couple of years is bound to have laying around somewhere in the closet or garage. Made by almost every company in China this design is a basic as it gets and has a great price point to match.
Tool Case
Now that you have all of the gadgets and gizmos that you need you will of course need something to put them all in. I personally like having a small tackle box for my vape bits, gives plenty of room for all of your tools in the main body of the case with enough little storage areas to keep all of your extra bits and pieces nice and organized.
Ok So there we have it, all of the basics that you will need to start your coil building journey.
There is still one more option for those who don,t want to bother picking out individual items though. THE PREMADE VAPE KIT! And in the this realm Coil Master is King. The Big Daddy; Coil Master DIY Kit V3
This is it, the full on build kit of every vapers dream. Everything I mentioned up top with some fun little extras that make building coils even easier. Compact and easy to carry around this is in my opinion the #1 best prefab build kit on the market
The Little Guy; Coil Master DIY Kit Mini This vape tool kit takes the most essential components of it,s big brother; the Coil Master DIY Kit V3, and packs them in a super tiny carry-able little pouch. Perfect for someone who hates carrying a bag around or as a backup emergency kit to keep in the glove box or in your desk drawer at the office for those vape emergencies.

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