Why Does Your Vape Taste Burnt? Find Out Here | ZampleBox

Why Does Your Vape Taste Burnt? Find Out Here | ZampleBox


Whether you are new to vaping or you are an experienced e-liquid enthusiast, it is not a pleasant occurrence when your vape tastes weird. 

In fact, it can be downright off-putting when your vaping experience is ruined by a burnt vapor working its way down the back of your throat and into your lungs. 

It,s almost enough to make you stop vaping for good. 

Fortunately, a burnt vape is completely fixable, and you will soon be enjoying the sweet taste of your favorite vape juice once again.

However, let,s first examine why your vape tastes off and then move on to how to get rid of the burnt taste in your vape. 

My vape tastes burnt - why? 


If you are worried that a burning taste means that your vaping device is no longer useable, rest assured this is not the case. It simply means that the wick inside your atomizer coil has dried out and become burnt when it was heated. 

Burning the wick can often occur because the e-liquid has not fully saturated the wick, resulting in it becoming charred and leading to a burnt taste when you vape. 

This is often referred to as a “dry hit” and is not a pleasant experience for a vaper. 

How can I make my coil last longer?

Unfortunately, your coil will not last forever and will probably need replacing around once every two to three weeks. That being said, there are ways in which you can increase the longevity of your coils, including cleaning your coil regularly. 

You also need to be aware of the two main reasons why coil burning occurs so that you can try and avoid these scenarios and prolong the lifespan of this crucial component of your vaping device.

Chain vaping

Are you guilty of chain vaping? Taking puff after puff of your preferred vape juice without ever pausing, even for a moment. 

If yes, this could be the reason why your coil is burning out prematurely. 

Chain vaping does not allow your wick sufficient time to soak up the e-liquid between puffs, resulting in the coil wicks drying out and becoming burnt. 

How can I stop chain vaping?

Chain vaping is most common in ex-smokers who are used to taking lots of little puffs of a cigarette in order to get as much nicotine into their system as quickly as possible. 

Fortunately, this can be easily rectified by simply heading to a leading vape shop and choosing a vape juice with a higher nicotine strength. Almost immediately, you should notice a reduction in chain vaping as you will be getting sufficient nicotine without the need to puff, puff, puff.

Another way to make your vaping experience more similar to smoking cigarettes is to choose a vape juice higher in PG VG or propylene glycol PG as this common vape juice ingredient will help you achieve a more satisfying throat hit. 

Not priming your coil

If you are guilty of not priming a new coil before using it, then this could easily be the reason why your vape tastes weird. Many newbie vapers blame a burnt vape on a faulty coil when it is because they have rushed to vape without allowing time for priming your coil. 

How can I prime my coil?

Priming a new coil is a fairly straightforward task and shouldn,t take very long to do. 

  • Start by checking that your coil is compatible with your chosen vaping device.
  • You should also check the recommended wattage that will be clearly stated on the side of your coil to ensure that you do not go over this amount.
  • Apply two or three drops of your chosen e-liquid into each coil hole (most devices have two of these).
  • Leave the coil to rest to allow the wick to become fully saturated. Rushing this process can result in you burning the wick. 
  • Once you have waited, you should now take a few puffs without hitting the ignition button to check that your coil is ready. 

Are there any other reasons why my vape tastes weird?

If you do not chain vape and are taking the time to prime and care for your coil, there are a few other culprits that may cause your coil to fail.

High power vaping

If you are prone to vaping at high wattage, or worse, above the recommended wattage, this could be why your coils are burning out. 

This is most prolific in sub-ohm tanks where vapers are wanting a vaping experience of higher intensity. Therefore, they turn the variable wattage or voltage up too high, resulting in the wick becoming dry and burnt. 

Not keeping your tank topped


Be honest, are you guilty of letting your tank run completely dry before finally heading out to purchase more vape juice? If yes, you are not alone, but you also could be causing a great deal of damage to your coils. 

Think about it. What happens to a car if you let it completely run out of fuel? Or, even closer to home, how do you feel when your body is running on empty, and you haven,t eaten all day? 

A vape is the same. If you want it to work to the best of its abilities, you need to take care of it and ensure that you keep the tank topped up. 

The best way to check that your tank is not running too low is by looking to see if the vape juice is currently covering the input holes on the side of your coil, if it,s not, you should top up your tank. 

Your choice of vape juice


If you are a fan of very sweet vape juices, this could be why your vape coil is failing. This is because when sugary vape juice is heated up, it can become caramelized, blocking up your coil and stopping more juice from being absorbed.

Alternatively, if your choice of vape juice has a high VG, or vegetable glycerin content, this could be the problem as these e liquids are more syrupy and tend to clog up your coil. 

Whatever the reason your coil has decided to die on you, always remember that this does not mean the end of your vaping journey or even the premature death of your vaping device. Coils can be preserved and replaced, you just need to be vigilant, and you should be able to avoid that awful burnt taste. 

Mar 12th 2024 Zamplebox


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