What's In The Box - January 2018 | ZAMPLEBOX

What's In The Box - January 2018 | ZAMPLEBOX
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Happy New Year! It,s 2018, and new boxes with new, tasty e-liquids are here a-waitin, for yuh. Here,s a sneaky peeky to start your weeky.

Blue by GOST

This is a salted-caramel vanilla eliquid. I don,t know about anyone else, but if someone were telling me about this flavor, I probably won,t need to hear anything after that. This one is the right amount of sweet, but there,s a pleasant saltiness that cuts up the sweetness and balances things out just right.


Pistachio Milk by Krem by Skwezed

Vaping this with friends is like dinner time where nobody talks because it,s so good that nobody wants to talk to each other anymore, so if great flavor is more important to you than talking to the people you care about, this vape is for you.


Pink Lemonade Gum by Troublemint

This is a sweet pink lemonade with a light, minty finish. The mint isn,t too minty, but the lemon is KAPOW in your mouth, so tart vape lovers ought to love this one.


Komb by Komb

Lemon honeycomb custard or a honey drizzled french custard or something with honey and lemon and creaminess and richness and fruitiness and… and… it,s just good. The honey definitely gets into your tastebuds and hangs out there for a bit after you,re done puffing.


So there you have it.

That's just a small sampling of the many great ejuices that are headed out this month in ZampleBox.

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