What is Stealth Vaping? Stealth Vaping 101 | ZampleBox

What is Stealth Vaping? Stealth Vaping 101 | ZampleBox

Although there shouldn,t be any stigma attached to vaping, as it is an excellent alternative to traditional tobacco products, unfortunately, there still is. 

Whether you want to vape at work, in a bar, in a hotel room, or even just out and about, you will be able to enjoy your vaping experience without attracting unwanted attention by adopting stealth vaping techniques. 

From learning about zero vaping to mastering the act of stealth vaping at work, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the art of stealth vaping.

What is stealth vaping? 


To the uninitiated, stealth vaping is the act of vaping without creating a cloud, or at the very least, only producing a small amount of vapor.  

Stealth vaping is incredibly common in public spaces as people look to vaping techniques that allow them to vape more discreetly. 

It is worth noting that you can find vape juice at your preferred vape shop that is specifically designed for stealth vaping, but it is a lot easier and more effective to learn the best stealth vaping techniques. 

What are the best stealth vaping techniques?

There are several practices that you can adapt to help you vape more discreetly, and the ones you choose to use are entirely up to you and dependent on your personal preference. 

Choose the right vape juice

This step doesn,t involve actually choosing a vape juice that is specifically designed for stealth vaping, but instead, it looks to vape juice flavors that do not produce such a strong smell. 

Think about how you notice someone is vaping near you. If you do not see the vapor itself, more often than not, it will be the sweet smell that attracts your attention. Therefore, by focusing on less overwhelming flavors such as citrus or mint varieties, you are less likely to be sniffed out. 

Use higher PG juices

E juice that contains more propylene glycerol generally produces smaller and less obtrusive clouds making them the ideal choice for those wanting to enjoy their vapor products without attracting attention. 

If possible, opt for vape juices around 80% PG, as these will make stealth vaping seem like a walk in the park - simple and stress-free. 

Turn the power down 

Depending on which type of vape mods you have chosen to use, you may have the option of being able to turn down the power of your device. If you can, do so. 

The lower the power, the easier stealth vaping will be. 

Choose the right types of vapes


If you think you need to stealth vape regularly, such as stealth vaping at work, you may want to consider investing in a specific device that will help you do this with ease. 

As a general rule, vape pens do not produce nearly as much vapor as a box mod, or sub-ohm tank, so they are an excellent option for those wanting to vape while at work. 

Learn how to inhale discreetly

As well as making sure you are using the best vaping device and vape juice for stealth vaping, you also need to learn how to inhale correctly to minimize the amount of visible vapor you create. 

If you are a fan of a deep inhale, you will be pleased to know that the longer you hold the vapor in your lungs, the less vapor will be visible when you exhale. 

It is worth noting that vapor is also less noticeable if you exhale through your nose rather than your mouth.

Be sneaky 


The final stealth vaping technique is as simple as it is sneaky and can be carried out by anyone, regardless of your experience in vaping. All you need to do is try and hide what you are doing, whether by vaping underneath your shirt or inhaling into a paper towel or napkin.

What is zero vaping? 

Zero vaping is a stealth vaping technique that involves the vaper taking a hit of the vape juice but not exhaling any vapor. 

It is often referred to as the ultimate stealth vaping technique and allows you to enjoy your nicotine hit without showing any signs of actually exhaling any vapor. 

Zero vaping is only possible if you choose a vaping device that is small and concealable. Arguably the best vaping devices for zero vaping are pod system ones, as these do not produce large clouds and are not loud during operation.  

How to zero vape?


If you are keen to learn how to zero vape, the two options below should help you.

  • Only take multiple short inhales. If you are attempting to vape without showing any signs of doing so, then taking lots of small puffs is a good option. Try not to exhale immediately but instead aim to keep the vapor in while you take another puff. As you feel your chest expand, hold your breath further, and finally exhale with your lips pursed.
  • Allow one deep inhale. Alternatively, if you do not enjoy taking short inhales in quick succession, you can choose to take one deep inhaling of vapor. Aim for an inhale that lasts at least five seconds and then exhale in the same way with pursed lips. 


Zamblebox does not condone or recommend vaping in areas where vaping is prohibited, such as on airplanes, on government property grounds, on public transportation, and in hospitals or schools. 

If you are not sure about where you are allowed to vape, the easiest indicator is to look for “no smoking” signs. Currently, the FDA categorizes vapor products in the same way that they do tobacco products, so if you are prohibited from smoking cigarettes in a particular area, the same will likely apply to your vape.

If in doubt, always ask before you vape! 

Mar 12th 2024 Zamplebox


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