What is Squonking? - Best Squonking Devices

What is Squonking? - Best Squonking Devices

No, you didn't hear it wrong, Squonking is a real vape term...

You may have heard people talk about it a couple times in your vaping career, and thought 'maybe that's an ejuice name?' No. Essentially, Squonking means a bottom fed atomizer. Typically, its a device that holds your e-liquid supply internally that feeds your juice directly into the atomizer. To get the e-liquid into the RDA, simply press the e-juice bottle via the squonk hole in the mod. The liquid is fed up the tube by pressure into your atomizer, saturating the cotton and coils.

Q: What is the benefit of Squonking?
There's a couple benefits (other than convenience) for using a bottom fed atomizer. Due to the fact these devices are box mods with an RDA, using a squonking device you don't need to re-drip your RDA so often because it is pulling ejuice into it. The internal bottle can come out and be re-filled when you want to, so the need to carry a bottle with you isn't always necessary.

Q: What are the cons of Squonking?
There's one very big thing that can make squonking a little off putting. For one, the RDA that you need to squonk are different than your typical RDA. You will need to find one that works with your device. Also, if you are not a builder or don't know how to use an RDA, squonking absolutely is not for you. Another thing is that many of the Squonking devices out now, are NOT regulated devices. We highly recommend that if you're a new vaper or not confident understanding voltage, wattage and resistance that you stay away from unregulated squonking devices.


Best Squonking Devices

1. Kangertech Drip Box 160 TC - $56+

2. SunBox E8 Nano X - €309+ (Contact for US prices)

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3. Council of Vapor Wraith 80w Squonker Starter Kit - $66.99

4. Steam Crave Squonk Mod - Must Inquire

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5. 420 Spectra Resin Wood Door by Art & Mod - 419,00 € (about $470 in US dollars)

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