Vaping - What is a Dry Hit?

Vaping - What is a Dry Hit?

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Everyone who has ever vaped has probably experienced the incredible misfortune of a dry hit. It’s sort of inevitable, especially if you are new to vaping. We definitely don’t want you to experience a dry hit if you can avoid it, so we’re going to give you some tricks and tips to avoid them.

What’s a Dry Hit?

In basic terms, a dry hit is when you try to vape with a mod that has little to no e-liquid in it. They can happen when your juice gets low before you notice it, they can also happen when airflow or wicking issues occur. You’re essentially vaping burning cotton resulting in a mouthful of disgusting flavor and sometimes throat irritation to boot. Dry hits are pretty awful, but you don’t have to take our word for it. The video above really captures the pure heartache caused by an accidental dry hit, and we made it in slow motion so you can really see our suffering in all its glory. Whatever you do though, please don’t try this at home. It hurts more than it looks like it does.


If you get a dry hit, the first thing you should check is the level of juice in your tank. More often than not, dry hits are simply the result of not having enough eliquid to saturate the wick in your tank or dripper. Depending on your tank, you’ll be able to see if your mod is empty. It’s probably not a bad idea to make sure that your tank is always at least half way full. Another cause of dry hits involves not taking the time to prime your coil before you fill up your tank. Priming is the processing of saturating the cotton with the e-liquid prior to filling the tank. Here is a quick video from our ZampleBox Vape School series that talks about how to properly prime your coil.

Watch Video Here

Easy as pie! Just follow the basic steps we’ve outlined above and your vaping experience should be smooth sailing and dry hit free. You’re welcome!

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Mar 11th 2024


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