Vaping to Quit Dipping

Vaping to Quit Dipping


There has been a lot written about traditional smoking but not so much on dipping, this habit’s older cousin.

We wonder about that because we think that having a conversation about dipping, how dangerous it is, and how vaping can help beat the habit might be useful to people who are ready to move on. So we’ve built this tiny but mighty primer on smokeless tobacco so you, our fair but on-trend readers, may have a little more information on hand. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What is Chewing or Smokeless Tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is basically the act of taking a bit of loose leaf or pellets of tobacco and, you guessed it, chewing on it. Some people also choose to snuff it through their nose. Both types are considered dipping because the user can choose how much they chew or inhale.

Chewing or smokeless tobacco is made by processing a bunch of leftover tobacco products, such as leaves and other bits that are fermented and processed with sweeteners. In the olden days, the product was made by reusing cigar clippings. Recycling is fun, right?

Who Chooses to Dip?

The Centers for Disease Control, also known as CDC, estimates that over three in 100 adult Americans chew or snuff tobacco. Out of that, nearly seven in 100 men use this form of tobacco use; just one in 100 women do the same. Unfortunately, it seems that the number of adults using this form of tobacco has gone up since 2000.

Dangers of Dipping

There are several dangers associated with dipping, which is another name for chewing or smokeless tobacco. The most important danger is the risk of cancers. Yes, you read that right: cancers, as in more than one kind. Some of the types include the nose, sinus, oral, esophageal, and pancreatic cancers. Sounds fun, right?

Other issues include high blood pressure, an increased risk of heart attack or disease, and even stroke. For pregnant women, the chance of premature or stillbirths goes through the roof.

In very simple terms, chewing or snuffing tobacco is very bad for your health. It can literally kill you, especially if you have underlying health problems. So if you do chew or snuff tobacco, now’s a great time to quit.

Difficulties of Quitting

Quitting the habit is definitely easier said than done. The same difficulties of trying to quit apply to both smokeless and traditional tobacco delivery methods. It’s a behavior issue as much as it is an addiction to the toxins found in tobacco.

So yes, it can be difficult to break this habit just on an addiction level, but it’s much more than that. Nicotine is known to affect a user’s mood, meaning that they may experience unwanted emotions when they try to quit. The habit is also linked to social activities; chances are that if you try to quit, you may feel like you’re left out of social events.

Vaping is an Effective NRT for Dippers

Listen, if you’re having trouble quitting smokeless tobacco, we have you covered. It just so happens that vaping is a very effective NRT alternative to things you may have tried in the past. With several nicotine levels available and a wide range of vape mods at your disposal, we’re sure you’ll find something that will fill the void of your former habit.

Chewing or snuffing tobacco is an old habit, one that needs to go the way of most trends: out in the trash. Vaping offers so many alternatives, giving you the ability to transform one nasty habit into one that can ultimately help you beat your addiction. You owe it to yourself to give vaping a chance. Head over to your local vape shop and ask your friendly vapers how to successfully beat your habit today. You’ll be surprised at how easy the transition can be.

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Jun 22nd 2022


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