Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Etiquette

"Vaping is a trend that is here to stay. More and more people are ditching their cigarettes for vape devices. Yet it’s easy for newcomers to become swept up in the excitement of vaping. So much so, that they forget about an important aspect: vaping etiquette. Yes, it’s true: vaping is more beneficial in various ways than traditional smoking. However, this isn’t a free pass to go around blowing vapor plumes anywhere you go. Vaping rules might be murky and open to interpretation due to the lack of official guidelines, yet common sense needs to be applied. Vaping is nowadays more mainstream than ever before. Still, both vapers and non-vapers are judgmental towards those who use electronic cigarettes without a care in the world.

If you want to avoid being grouped in with those who give vaping a bad name, this guide is for you. Here are the etiquette tips you need to consider before smoking your favorite e-liquid.

Start from home

There’s no better place for a vaper to let out some huge clouds than within their own home. This is your personal space. You set the rules and have the freedom to do as you wish – including the ability to vape whenever desired.

Plus, unlike tobacco smoke, vaping has one significant advantage: you won’t stain your furnishings or leave a lingering smell.

Despite all of this you still need to follow a basic etiquette even at home. First and foremost, be considerate of other people who also live in the house. If you invite guests over, ensure you air out all affected rooms. Fortunately, this is simply a case of opening the window and letting any persistent clouds to escape.

The transport dilemma

If you own a vehicle, you are in a similar position as when vaping within your home. Instead of sitting in a traffic jam and getting stressed, you can simply bust out your vaping device and take a load off.

Be aware. There might be some restrictions in your area.

Certain countries – including the United Kingdom – forbid the use of vapes within a vehicle. This is understandable when you reflect on the potential damage vaping clouds can cause. Large clouds could result in compromised visibility and could lead to accidents.

As with homes, if you’re going to vape in your car, remember to be courteous to other passengers. Yet what’s the situation when using public transport? In essence, you would be well advised to abstain from usage as long as you are on public transport. That means no vaping on a plane, train, or bus. Plus, while there may not be any definitive penalties for vaping on public transport, this activity is banned in most stations and other modes of transportation.

Avoid confined spaces

Before you decide to vape in public, you must step back for a second and take stock of your surroundings. A general rule to follow is to avoid vaping in any confined spaces. Whether this is a café or cinema, a bar, or supermarket, you don’t want to blow vapor clouds around any indoor spot.

Even if these indoor locations haven’t gone explicitly with a ban vaping approach, remember the public is used to these areas now being smoke-free. Yes, vapor is not smoke – we understand that better than most. However, vapor clouds are similar in appearance and perceived as such by the public.

Most importantly, it’s certainly not good vaping etiquette to trap people and give them no other choice but to inhale your vape. Say you picked an e-liquid that produces an awesome strawberry smell. While this is more pleasant than tobacco smoke, it doesn’t mean other people want to be forced into inhaling it. Think of it as someone who drives around listening to Nickelback at full blast in their car. Even if you like their music – for some reason – you’d likely find it obnoxious to hear them during your daily commute to work randomly. The same principle applies if you suddenly started vaping public spaces.

Stay outside

How do you avoid those confined spaces? Well, you can stick to vaping outdoors. This is one of the best ways to vape for several reasons. First of all, a large open space – like a public park or walking trail – means you don’t have to vape near other people. In addition to this, your plumes of vapor will simply dissipate into the air. When vaping outside, remember to take into account the wind and ensure your clouds are not being blown into the faces of others.

Plus, you can cloud chase while actually watching clouds – pretty sweet deal, right?

Use designated smoking areas

You may feel a little silly initially, yet vaping in a designated smoking area is fair game. You’re not going to receive any criticism or break any etiquette for joining those on a cigarette break.

This can be a lifesaver in certain situations. Say you want to start vaping in college, but this activity isn’t generally allowed on campus. Rather than doing a sneaky stealth vape or leaving campus entirely, see if there’s a designated smoking spot provided by the college. Most colleges tend not to have a rule for vaping and keep it all under smoking anyway, so you’re unlikely to get hassled by security for using a designated spot.

DVLAA-Don't Vape Like an Asshole

We might only be a humble vape shop, but this lifestyle is our passion. We want vaping to be accepted on a universal scale. Vaping shouldn’t be a subject seen as taboo, and its users considered outsiders. For this to happen, however, vaping etiquette is imperative.

Simply put, good manners can go a long way. Don’t vape in enclosed spaces, never blow vapor around unsuspecting people. Use your discretion, don't vape like an asshole. You play a small yet very important part in vaping being accepted by the masses.



Jun 22nd 2022


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