Vaping and EDC (Everyday Carry)

Vaping and EDC (Everyday Carry)
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Vaping is definitely one of my favorite hobbies. Luckily, it ties in with something I've been really into lately: EDC (Everyday Carry). Essentially, EDC is just the normal everyday items you carry around. Naturally, this would include your vape!
A while back when vapers were developing mechanical mods, they would modify flashlights to include 510 connectors so that they could attach atomizers to them. Technically, that is one of the original connections between vaping and EDC.
EDC these days is really geared towards a minimalist approach to what you carry and optimizing your keys, wallet, and tools to fit in your life. In this video, Ian, Max, and I talk about the connection between EDC and vaping, and show our personal EDC arsenals. Check it out! ~ Chris
Mar 11th 2024


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