Vape Pong Challenge: Episode 3

Vape Pong Challenge: Episode 3
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Our version of beer pong is relentless, cutthroat, and ruthless. Originally a fun game of bonding with drinks, we have distorted tradition and created something new. The pain train has already left the station and is barrelling down our throats in the form of terrible gross e-liquid!

In this video, Jared challenges Chris to see who is the top dog. Under each cup of beer is a coaster with the name of a dreaded gross e-liquid. When the opponent sinks a ball into a cup, the loser must drink and also vape the flavor on the coaster. It's these grotesque e-liquid vape flavors that make the game so deliciously interesting.

Remember: we vape gross, terrible, e-liquid flavors so that you don't have to! We ship out the best e-juice flavors available to you every month. Check it on by clicking on the link below! ~ Chris

Mar 11th 2024


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