URGENT! Industry Announcement - Stock Up & Save Vape Mail!

URGENT! Industry Announcement - Stock Up & Save Vape Mail!

Dear ZB Family Member,

As most of you are aware, our community is facing some extensive industry-changing regulations. If you have been around for a while, you already know that we have faced many similar obstacles in the past and have overcome them many times over. While these new regulations do not necessarily mean the end of vaping, expect to see new taxes, fees, and dramatic shipping rate increases.

We expect these regulations to result in lots of volatility in the vapor market in the coming months.

These new regulations are likely to result in:

- Countless brands and retailers closing up shop

- Shipping cost increases, many customers unable to receive packages due to shipping restrictions

- Large tax increases

- An expected mass product-ban from FDA in March

The prognosis is not good, but you deserve to know the truth of how your elected leaders are destroying our community.

Early estimates of the new shipping rates see an increase of $20 to the current rates you are paying now. In addition to shipping costs increases, state taxes on vapor products are increasing. For example, look at Ohio… at $.10/ml, which means a 100mL bottle will cost an additional $10 in taxes alone. It’s a big deal and is hurting adult ex-smokers at a time when they can least afford to bear such a burden.

So, what can you do?

1. Stock Up. Order Now. Send Next Box.

Our customers are stockpiling products and ordering as much as they can right now before government regulatory costs and taxes cause a dramatic increase in prices. Since some customers could experience a 100% cost increase, we recommend you order as much as you can right now to save on taxes, shipping costs and regulatory fees. If you are a subscriber you can easily ship your next box immediately!

Visit your account dashboard and in the top left there will be a button to ""SEND NEXT BOX NOW.""

2. Contact USPS. Ask for a delay.

The coming regulations are already law and cannot be undone, but they could be delayed by a few more months. Send a message to USPS and express the importance of allowing ample time to communicate the new policy to all stakeholders fully.

Ask for an effective date after 12/31/2021.

While this is undoubtedly a challenging time for the vapor community, we feel optimistic that adult smokers will find a way to continue to access these life-saving products. It just may not be as simple and low cost as before.

For all the good things to come.



Jun 22nd 2022


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