Truth or Vape

Truth or Vape

Truth or Vape

It's here. A lot of you have been requesting that we do a video where Zamplebox employees either have to answer a tough question or else vape a gross e liquid. Well, we aim to please. We set Chris and Ian down and had them stare down the barrel of the most difficult, uncomfortable questions we could muster. They can answer them or face the horror of a gross vape juice. You'll probably learn more about Chris and Ian in this video than any other. Maybe even some things you didn't want to know.

Watch the video below to see who on the Zamplebox team masters this vaping challenge. If y'all like this video enough, we'll have no choice but to wrangle some more hapless victims to try this gross vape juice challenge. We might even bring it some guests from outside Zamplebox.

Watch Video Here

We try gross e-liquids so you don't have to. Chris and Ian punish their tongues to find you the best e liquid made in the USA. Learn more about Zamplebox, the original vaping family, by going here. And be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more ridiculous vape related content.

Mar 11th 2024


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