Traveling by Airplane With Vape Gear | TSA Rules

Traveling by Airplane With Vape Gear | TSA Rules


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Traveling with vape gear can be a little scary, but check out these tips to learn what you can do to make sure you have all of your vaping supplies with you on vacation. 

Spring is officially here and vacations are near, so what does this mean for traveling by plane with vape gear? Don’t worry! It really is not as worrisome as it sounds. Just take a look at these tips to make any airport security line just as relaxing as your destination… well almost. Organization is key and fun is a requirement!


Transportation Security Administration Rules



Carry All Batteries With You

All extra batteries for vaping devices must be carried with you on the plane and are not to be placed into checked baggage. All devices are prohibited from being checked and during flight must be kept on your person and not stored in the above carry on compartment.

No Vaping On The Plane

Even though vapers are required to carry their vaping device on the plane, use of the devices are still prohibited. It is really important as vaper's that we follow the same rules of no smoking areas. While, we as vapers, wholeheartedly believe that vaping IS different from smoking we must remain conscientious of others.  People who have never vaped or smoked before may find the vapor uncomfortable and we must respect those around us.

Disassemble All Vaping Equipment

Since all vaping devices must be carried on your person this is an important one. If your battery is external make sure to remove the battery from the mod. If the device you are using has an internal battery be sure to have the atomizer removed from the device (this may be a good idea even for external battery devices).

No E-liquid Containers Over 3.4-Ounces (100 milliliters)

Most who have flown in the past 10 years know this one, but what does it mean for e-liquid? Well, 3.4 ounces is roughly 100 milliliters so carrying on 30ml bottles are good to go. Keep in mind though that all of the liquids carried on must fit inside of a 1-quart sized bag. So take only the liquid you need on the plane and check the rest.

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Mar 11th 2024


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