The Best Vape Expo / Vape Con | ZampleTalk Ep. 46

The Best Vape Expo / Vape Con | ZampleTalk Ep. 46
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The Best Vape Expo: Looking back on the vape convention in Atlanta

Here at Zamplebox, we head out to a lot of vape conventions. We lug our cameras out to a lot of big vape events and the most recent one we went to was the Vape Showcase in Atlanta. Ian and Chris go in depth about the convention, what they liked about it, what they didn't like about it and rate in several different categories. Watch to find out which vape expo has been their favorite and why.

Also in this episode, we interview one of our favorite vape companies, Dream. We get the skinny on how Dream started. If you're interested in some insider vape industry knowledge, definitely give it a look-see. It's interesting to hear the origins of such a big player in the world of vape. Other stuff in this episode includes our reaction to Family Guy's recent bit about vaping, and a 6 bottle box giveaway.

We hope you enjoyed this episode. We always do our best to sling some hot vapey action your way. If you appreciate this content, be sure to to subscribe to our Youtube channel and click the link below to learn more about the original vaping family.

Mar 11th 2024


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