TearDrip Juice Co Review

TearDrip Juice Co Review

Let’s take a Dip Into TearDrip Juice Co.

This line TearDrip Juice Co. is a dual award-winning E-liquid which was designed around being an all-day vape. The creators of this line were the same guys who invented the four original flavors for R&D Creations! These flavors were designed to be flavorful but subtle, smooth, with great vapor production and wicking capabilities. Let’s find out if these three flavors meet up to the test!

First Set Up: Sigelei 213, Goon RDA with stapled captions @ 100 watts, 0.13 ohms


This eliquid flavor is described as a sweet sugar torched pear with a caramel drizzle.

This flavor is my personal favorite from Teardrips, it gives you a very unique and delicious new taste. On the inhale of this flavor you get a subtle pear taste accompanying a sugary caramel flavor which is a little harsh but very good. On the exhale you get more of both the caramel flavor and the pear making it very versatile flavor. Both dessert and fruit-loving vapers alike will love this e-liquid.


This eliquid flavor is described as a sugar scorched creme brulee with a hint of Meyer lemon zest!

This e-liquid almost perfectly matches its description. On the inhale you get a powerful hit of the sweet taste of sugar scorched creme brulee that is very smooth but also has a unique creamy taste to it. On the exhale you get more of the same sugary goodness mixed with a tiny hint of the citrusy lemon zest to top it all off. For any dessert lovers out there, this vape will be right up your alley!


This eliquid is described as an orchard fresh red apple parfait with a cinnamon sprinkle.

Cinnapps is an incredibly silky smooth e-juice flavor from start to finish. On the inhale you get a super smooth taste of the parfait which reminds me of more of an almond milk type taste mixed with a distinctive hint of red apple. On the exhale you get more of the apple and the sprinkle of cinnamon to finish it off. When I first read the name of this flavor, right away I was thinking it would have a cereal type vibe to it but I was way off and this flavor blew my mind. This flavor would be a great addition to any vapers all day vapes.

We are so excited to have these flavors from TearDrip Juice Co. heading out to our ZampleBox Family! If you need these flavors in your life, you can purchase any of them on our ZB Retail Store or use the Add-to-Box feature right now!

What flavor would you add to your Zamplebox from TearDrip Juice Co.?

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Jun 22nd 2022


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