Summer Vaping Tips: Stay Cool & Safe

Summer Vaping Tips: Stay Cool & Safe


Stay cool and safe with these summer vaping tips.

With summer almost upon us, we here at ZampleBox thought it was ample time to share some summer-time tips to help make your vaping experience enjoyable, safe, and cloudy. As this summer is forecasted to have sub-ohm temperatures, having the necessary knowledge to make this summer the best you’ve ever had (without ending up a headline in your local newspaper) is something we’d love to share with you!

The warm weather is a vaper’s Kryptonite, and just like Superman, you need to know what precautions to take. The heat can take a toll on your e-juice, tanks, batteries, mods, and worst of all your mood. Where and how we store our vape gear and supplies during these summer months can make or break your vaping experience. Even on somewhat cool days, with the temperature hovering around an enjoyable 72º F (22 C), a car’s internal temperature can sky rocket to 116º in just an hour of being in direct sunlight.


E-juice will start to break down at 105-106º F (40º C). The viscosity changes, the juice can get discolored, the nicotine breaks down, and the flavors can change dramatically. So if you’re vaping on a delicious and refreshing Arnold Palmer, it can quickly turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger's Palm. If you are expecting your e-juice to turn around and say “I’ll be back"" as soon as the weather cools down, i’ve got bad news for you. Once the juice has broken down from the heat, it’s terminated.

Keeping your e-juice bottles and filled tanks in dry, cool places is a way to ensure that you’re flavors remain intact, and enjoyable. If you’re going on a road trip, bring along a small cooler with an ice pack to store your liquids and hardware in. Make sure they are sealed in a plastic bag so the moisture doesn’t damage your valuables. If a cooler isn’t in the cards, storing them in a case below your seats, or in the trunk is a better alternative to leaving them in the sunlight.

The warmer weather will also thin out your juice, making your tanks more prone to leaking, so sticking to a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) juice will make your summer vaping experience more enjoyable! You’ll also notice that you will blow through your juice at a much faster rate, so travelling with spares is highly recommended!

Batteries / Mods

Most batteries that we use in our vape hardware are Lithium Ion. Ensuring proper storage, and exposure will extend the life of your batteries, and keep you safe. Once lithium ion batteries reach 100°F, the heat damages the battery’s cells, causing it to hold less of a charge. In hot climates, you’ll notice that your battery will lose a charge very quickly, so bring spares on your adventures! In the case of internal battery mod users (such as myself) not being able to remove your battery and store it somewhere cool can be somewhat of a problem. Remember that cooler we talked about earlier? Putting your mod in a sealable freezer bag and placing it in the cooler can ensure that it won’t overheat!

If you’re road tripping this summer, try to avoid using the car’s USB socket or cigarette lighter adapter to charge your batteries. The batteries will get too hot in the warm weather, and can overcharge very quickly. If you’re fiending for a vape and you absolutely have to use a portable charger, use extra caution and keep a close eye on the battery while it’s charging.

Keep your batteries stored separately. Lithium batteries can short out prematurely if they come in contact with metal. If you're travelling with multiple batteries just incase you run into R2-D2 stranded somewhere, I’ve found that digging out that pair of Walgreens cotton winter gloves and stuffing a battery into each finger keeps them separate, safe, and contact free. Loose batteries can lead to them venting if they come in contact with loose change, keys, or otherwise any metallic material they might come in contact with. This is the number one cause of “e-cigarette explosions"" that plague the news. We encourage you to take the precautionary steps listed to make sure that your day doesn’t turn into an awful afternoon.

We hope that these tips help you and your vape have a safe, enjoyable and unforgettable summer.

Keep it Cloudy.

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Jun 22nd 2022


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