Strongest Vape Durability Test: Tesla Invader 3

Strongest Vape Durability Test: Tesla Invader 3
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It's really quite simple: breaking stuff is therapeutic and healthy. We want to combine that sense of wellness with something practical: finding out if vape mods are really durable. In this video, Ian and I put the Tesla Invader 3 box mod through a gauntlet of durability challenges to see how truly durable it really is.

The Tesla Invader 3 is a variable voltage mod cased in a high quality zinc alloy construction. The Invader series has been renown for being durable. Ian has owned a couple, but we really wanted to make sure that this mod was a great choice for people who use and abuse their devices.

Would you like us to do this durability test with other mods? Let us know in the comments! ~ Chris

Mar 11th 2024


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