Staff Picks for August 2016 - Best E Juice in their Box!

Staff Picks for August 2016 - Best E Juice in their Box!
The ZampleBox team loves getting their boxes just as much as everyone else, and this month I heard we had got some freakin amazing flavors so I asked what was their favorites were and here's what they told me...

James F. - Creative Director

""It's a caramel RY4 tobacco that does a wonderful job of blending the sweet richness of the caramel (and it ACTUALLY tastes like caramel, not just like a vaguely sweet brown sugary flavor) with the pepper-y, astringent character of the tobacco. It's sweet, rich, and punchy. I love it. It's a perfect vape for evening times after the sun goes down and the air is more temperate. I give it 5/5 stars.""

Brady V. - Supply Chain Manager

""A perfect balance of fruits, berries, and minty menthol. Many of the fruit infused menthols I've tried seem like they're trying to force it but in this case, all of the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit together perfectly. My go-to morning vape this month.""

Caspar H. - Member Service

""I used to smoke camel crushes, double menthol. So menthol tobacco and the little crush of menthol in the filter. This flavor does a great job of replacing the Camel tobacco taste with something that does a tobacco flavor some justice. Very earthy, yet minty, and the menthol is just the perfect amount. (For most it might be over bearing, I am a menthol fanatic.)""

Kacee C. -- Influencer Manager

""My favorite was Lychee Boba (I think this is a one off flavor, but the manufacturer is listed as ""boba"". This stuff is my JAM because I absolutely adore everything lychee and coconut, and this tastes like a perfect balance of the two. If I could, I would drink it.""

Chris P. -- Member Service Director

""+1 to Lychee Boba. Creamy Boba, Lychee sweet. It’s better than all the flavors you guys like...""

Mike A. - Marketing Director

Jake B. - Member Care Ops Lead

""Charlie's Chalk Dust- Peanut Butter & Jesus. A tasty peanut butter vape with a fantastic name!""

Nick L. -- Member Service

""Walrus by Must Vape - the best berry, melon and mint mixture I've ever had!""

Kristyn W. -- HR Director

""Can it be a favorite from your (Marly's) box? Lehua by Ono Kine. Because it's delicious, is a great summertime vape and reminds me of Hawaii. :)""

Ian F. -- Chief Operations Officer

""This flavor is the perfect blend of peanut butter and jelly. Most PB&J flavors either fall too far on the PB or the J side of the spectrum. This flavor perfectly combines the savory richness of peanut butter and the sticky, fruity sweetness of jelly to make one of the ultimate comfort vapes.""

Marly M. -- Creative Service

""Oh holy hell, I went through this in 2 days. I've never been a huge menthol fan but the peach mint combo is so refreshing! Especially with a Mike's Hard Lemonade...It's such a bad-@ss summer vape!""

What were some of YOUR favorites in your last box?"
Jun 22nd 2022


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