Risks of Vaping: What Vapers Need To Be Thinking About

Risks of Vaping: What Vapers Need To Be Thinking About


Let me first start off by saying there are very few things in life that are without risk. Simply getting behind the wheel of a car poses a risk as you are greatly increasing your chances of being involved in a car accident. Even falling in love has its risks (a bad breakup can cause real mental and emotion damage). It's your life and you should educate yourself and make a calculated decision before exposing yourself to risk of any kind.

That being said, I believe vaping is an incredible positive advancement for humanity. I would not have started ZampleBox if I didn't believe that vaping is positively impacting the lives of millions of people. However, as a community we do need to make sure that the risks associated with vaping are constantly decreasing and not increasing.

As vaping has quickly evolved from e-cigarettes to vape pens to more advanced-style mods / RDAs, we need to be very careful. Nearly anyone can make and sell vaping liquid. The process is very easy. However, making a high quality product with tested and studied ingredients is not so easy. We're also seeing an explosion of new hardware and new vapers increasingly skipping ego/evod style starter kits and headed right into more advanced vaping setups. As a community, we need to vow to learn more about the products we put into our bodies.

I have has identified a few areas of concern that all vapers need to be thinking about.

Food Coloring in E-Liquid

Many e-liquid manufactures place food coloring in their liquids to give it an extra ""pop"" making it more attractive to buyers. While food colorings consumed inside foods are very well researched, vaporizing these additives is not well understood at all. At this point in time, we do not believe there to be more risk vaping food coloring vs flavorings that are added to e-liquid, but why add additional risk when it is not necessary. Food coloring is purely aesthetic. It doesn't have any functional purpose. We believe vapers should not be exposing themselves to more risk than is necessary and should avoid products with food coloring.

High Power Atomizers

Over the last couple of years, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) have become very popular. The pursuit of larger and larger clouds of vapor has perpetuated the culture of RDAs. Not to mention, the flavor when vaping on RDAs is much better. However, we need to be cautious. Heat changes the chemical composition of compounds and can result in toxins or byproducts that are not well understood. I want to be clear, I am not saying ""don't use RDAs, they make your e-liquid into toxic vapor."" What I am saying is that we do not yet understand how the intense heat from RDAs is affecting the e-liquid when it's vaporized. We need to do more research and this is something that we'd like to have happen sooner than later.

Wire Used on RDA Coils

One major concern that I have right now is the lack of information and studies regarding the effects of the heating of wire used to make coils on RDAs. I was speaking with an owner of a toxicity lab and he had major concerns over metal leeching from the wire into the vapor. Frankly, it makes sense. The coils on RDAs (especially sub-ohm) get so incredibly hot that they will certainly release compounds exposed to the wire during the manufacturing process. If they are leeching from the wire, they will certainly end up in the vapor and ultimately in your lungs.


In closing, I want to make clear that the purpose of this post is not to instill fear, but rather make you aware of the things that industry insiders (such as myself) are beginning to talk more about. Safety and your health is always the number one priority. It's important that you educate yourself and know as much as possible about what you put inside your body.

As a consumer, you vote with your dollars. If you want to see this industry continue to self-regulate in the correct way, I ask you to only purchase from companies that are leading the industry in safety. That's what it is all about for our team at ZampleBox and for our community of thousands of vapers around the world.

For all the good things to come,

Tony Mandarano
Founder of ZampleBox

Thanks for reading! :)

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Jun 22nd 2022


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