Regulated vs. Unregulated

Regulated vs. Unregulated

Regulated vs. Unregulated


Regulated Device

  • A regulated mod is a device that contains a circuit board to regulate the current.
  • Any device that has a variable voltage or wattage setting is a regulated device.
  • A regulated device can be programmed to exact voltage, wattage and sometimes  temperatures.
  • The voltage applied to the atomizer is controlled to what you set it to regardless of the charge state of the battery.
  • If a coil resistance is too low for the regulated mod then the vaper will receive an error message and the mod will not work.
  • Regulated mods provide vapes with a consistent vape until the battery reaches the point where it must be charged.
  • When you set the wattage on a regulated device, you will get the same wattage every time you vape. 


Examples of regulated mods:

          • Kanger Sub-box Mini by Kangertech
          • MVP by Innokin iTaste
          • eVic-VTC by Joytech
          • Snow Wolf by Asmodus
          • VT200 by Hcigar
          • IPV 3 by Pioneer
          • Sigelei 150 watt by Sigelei




Unregulated Device

  • Unregulated mods are also referred to as mechanical mods.
  • Depending on the device unregulated mods can run a single 18650 and dual-parallel 18650.
  • Mechanical mods operate by point of contact.
  • Unregulated devices do not have a circuit board for regulating current to the coil.
  • Some unregulated, dual-parallel box mods require a protection feature called MOSFET (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor) which is a type of transistor used for amplifying or switching electronic signals. *This will be touched on in-depth for a future post.
  • The output voltage of a mechanical mod varies depending on multiple factors. These factors include: size of battery, charge state of the battery, resistance of the coil.
  • Unregulated mods require use with a “high drain"" battery.
  • Using an unregulated device allows you to power very low resistance coils and receive massive power out of the coil.
  • Unregulated devices are incredibly simple, if you understand the way they work, there is very little that can go wrong with them, and if something does go wrong you or a local shop can generally fix it.
  • Does not give you a consistent vape for the life of the battery.
  • Since there is no circuitry in a mechanical mod, the battery will continue to fire until it is completely dead. This is considered over-discharging, and should NEVER be done!


Examples of unregulated/mechanical mods:

          • Tugboat Mod by Flawless
          • SMPL Mod by Epic Designs Studios
          • Dos Equis Box Mod by Mohawk Mods
          • Dimitri by Vaping Kiko
          • Tuglyfe Unregulated Box Bod by Flawless
          • Limitless Mod by Limitless Mod Company

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Jun 22nd 2022


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