New Vapers: Troubleshooting Your Vape Device

New Vapers: Troubleshooting Your Vape Device


Troubleshooting Your Vape Device

Q: Why is my battery not working?

1. Press the button on the battery, to make sure it is on. Most batteries are 5-clicks on and 5-clicks off.
2. If it is still not working, try putting it on the charger until the light turns green, or fully charged.
3. If your battery is on and fully charged, but is still not working, open up your tank and make sure your coil is tightened down all the way.

Q: My coil is tightened down and my battery is fully charged, but I am still not getting any vapor.

This is probably an issue with the coil. Either the coil is burnt out or you may have gotten a bad coil. Try changing the coil, if this does not solve the problem take your vaporizer and charger to your local brick and mortar shop so they can trouble-shoot it from here.
If the vapor tastes burt, then it is time for a new coil.

Q: Why is my tank leaking?

1. First check to make sure your coil is tightened down and that you are not missing any rubber seals or o-rings.
2. Change in temperature and elevation can cause your tank to leak. It is never a good idea to leave your vaporizer in the car on a hot day. Doing so can cause your tank to leak and battery to swell which is dangerous. If you will be encountering a change of elevation (flying or driving into the mountains) it is recommended to empty your tank beforehand.
3. If neither one or two are your scenario, then you are probably drawing too hard on your vaporizer causing it to flood. All tanks and cartomizers have a center air passage way, if juice gets sucked into this passage way the tank will start gurgling and cause it to flood. To fix this problem take your tank off of your battery, hold a paper towel underneath the tank and blow the excess juice into the paper towel. If you have an adjustable airflow ring, hold the paper towel over the air flow hole and blow the juice out. You can also clear the excess juice by firing your battery with the tank on it and putting your mouth over the air flow hole and blowing the vape out of the mouth piece. Both will clear the air passage way and get rid of gurgling. Remember, vaping is different than smoking, and you don't want to draw on a vaporizer like you would a cigarette. You want to draw on your tank longer and lighter. Pull all of the vapor into your mouth, let it roll around in your cheeks and then inhale. Most of the nicotine is absorbed though your cheeks.

Q: Why does my battery flash at me while I am drawing on it and then stop?

Most batteries have a 10 second time out. So if you exceed the time that your device allows it will time out and flash at you really quickly. If it times out and then shuts off, then it is because your battery is dead and need to be charged. It is always a good idea to have a back up battery so you never have to worry about being with out your vaporizer.

Q: How long should my coil last?

This really varies depending on how often you vape. Most vapers get about 1-3 weeks. Some get more, and some get less. If you vape a lot you will need to replace your coil more often.
Some people prefer turning their voltage up higher to receive a hotter vape, this will also cause the coil to burn out quicker. If your happy vape is hotter, you should expect to change your coil more often than someone who likes a cooler vape.

We hope this helps you out! Feel free to comment below with any questions you have and we'll do our best to answer!

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Jun 22nd 2022


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