Moo Eliquids Review

Moo Eliquids Review

Is Moo Eliquids the new kings in the Milky Flavor Category?

A new, fantastic line from Kilo Eliquids boasts of the best god damn milky e-liquid blends on the market. We, of course, are going to put this to the test..and well, we might be crowning new Kings of the Milk Flavor E-liquid.

THE SETUP: Alien 220w Mod + Baby Beast Tank, 51 Watts at .175 ohms

Blueberry Milk

I'm a big fan of blueberry flavors, especially with Spring right around the corner. Blueberry Milk is a unique taste I haven't tried before. On inhale, the taste of fresh blueberries - exhale, a more creamy blueberry blend. It's pretty good if you love berry flavor e-liquids, it's something I could see myself vaping on for awhile. So to wrap this up, I'd say hell yes, it's a good flavor...but there are others in this line up I'm a bit more excited to try...

Vanilla Almond Milk

Growing up, my parents had a hard time with milk products, we always had soy or almond milk around. I loved almond milk with a big ol bowl of granola (that was my favorite breakfast), so when I saw this I already had high expectations. Vaping it a couple times, I note that the milky almond blend was on point, it's pretty good. It's almost non-existent on vanilla. Still a freakin' delicious juice, and if you enjoy nutty flavors this stuff is right up your alley!

Banana Milk

Ooooh HELLO! I found my favorite banana flavor eliquid guys, and I'm not joking. I struggle with finding a good banana flavor because they all taste so chemically - or candied to me. NOT THIS ONE. Rich, creamy banana milk - it makes my taste buds too happy for words. Banana on the inhale, and the milky banana goodness on the exhale. Bottle is gone, I need to order more. If you haven't found that Banana flavor yet, I present to you...Banana Milk.

Neopolitan Milk

This one is tricky. It tastes good, I like the flavor - I get a mix of strawberry and a little vanilla, but no chocolate. It's a bit richer than the other flavors, but I'm not picking up the chocolate. Still, delicious for sure. On inhale, a rich strawberry taste, and exhale is the blend of strawberry and vanilla is a rich way. If they get a chance to revisit this juice, if they could add a tad more chocolate flavoring, this could be a spot-on Neapolitan flavor.

Strawberry Milk

You know the little emoji with the heart eyes? This is how I feel about this e-juice. It's just this happy bottle of strawberry and milk, there's no other to describe it. Inhale, strawberry, exhale, milky strawberry. It's PERFECT. After I finish this bottle I'm going to have to re-order this one and the banana one. It's too good.

The overall verdict...

Kilo did an amazing job on this line. I could easily see these flavor dominating this year in the milky flavored department. All the ejuices taste excellent, and the packaging and price range is good. I give it a 4.7 stars out of 5, only because the Neopolitan was a little off, but everything else is pretty solid. If you haven't tried it, you should. It might become your next favorite.

Jun 22nd 2022


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