Milkshake e Liquids Review

Milkshake e Liquids Review

Milkshake flavors without all the calories? Sign me up.

I don't know about you but I love food. Nothing beats a classic cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake combo - it's literally the most American thing ever. BLVCK Market Vapor introduced this line awhile ago, and I remembered trying it at ECC. So, let's see how well this line holds up to my picky tastebuds.

The Setup: Alien 220w Mod + GOON Rda with Alien Coils at 0.220 ohms and 40 watts.


I personally have never tried an apple milkshake. Is that a thing? It should be! This flavor is described as an apple milkshake (duh) - and a huge apple butter by liquid state fan, I think I found a new favorite apple flavor. Inhale, you get the delightful taste of a freshly baked apple - exhale is a little intense (not throat hit wise) but I get a creamy, milky apple taste. It's weird, but it's delicious! I think maybe it's a bit strange to me because I don't know what an apple milkshake is supposed to taste like, but holy moly this is good! If you're an apple/fruit lover, try this. I don't you'll be disappointed.

Shammy Shake

I am that person where when the shamrock shake is released at McDonald's, I'm there - FIRST in line. I have really, REALLY high expectations for this flavor just because of how much I love Shamrock Shakes. I have to say, personally, I was a tad disappointed. It's a great flavor - but I wish there was a tad more creamy flavor to it. On inhale, you get the minty taste, just like a shamrock shake, and exhale you get the faint cream and a bit more of the mint. It takes more like a mint chocolate candy to me. Still, excellent flavor and I would make a purchase of this in the future. I might mix it with a vanilla creamy flavor though, see if I can get closer to the Shamrock Shake I know and love.

EDIT: I was told that If I let this steep a little while, I get a lot more of the cream - I also noticed that a hotter vape is really going to bring out the mint. I will try again after the e-juice is steeped and let you know what I find.

Panda Shake

Cookies and Cream are my go-to milkshake whenever I'm feeling down, so I was super stoked to try this one too. I have to say if you enjoy smelling your e-liquids before trying it - this one smells heavenly. On inhale, I get the chocolate cookie crust and on exhale it's the full package of cookie and cream milkshake. It's a bit more chocolatey than I've had in a vape, but man so far I am really impressed with this line. I would definitely buy this one again as well!

Breezy Shake

This one is the sweetest out of the line, but it's delicious. Described as a strawberry milkshake, my friends it tastes just like a fresh strawberry milkshake. On inhale, I get the sweetness of the strawberry, and exhale is the combination of strawberries and ice cream. It's pretty fantastic, seriously this whole line is pretty impressive.

Bananza Shake

Surprisingly, this one is actually my absolute favorite of the full line. I love banana flavor e-liquid, and most of the time they taste super artificial, like banana candies, but this one really surprised me. It tastes exactly what you'd expect a banana milkshake to taste like, creamy and filled with freshly cut banana slices. Out of the 5, this one really took the cake. It's that good. The vapor products on these are also really surprising, I get a lot of clouds with this 70/30 blend even with my dripper.

ZB Community Rates MilkShake Liquids at 4.4 Stars - and I agree

It's a very good, strong line. All the flavors are a 70/30 blend, perfect for you sub-ohm tank users and RDA fans. All the flavors I tried were 3mg in nicotine, and I didn't get a harsh throat hit at all on any of these flavors. I think hands down, the Bananza Shake was the best in this line, with the Shammy Shake coming to a very close second. The most disappointing were the Panda Shake, but even still, it's still pretty good. I hope you enjoyed this review, I would love to hear your thoughts on this line or leave a request for another review of a different line in the comments below.

Jun 22nd 2022


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