Mechanical Mod Battery Safety

Mechanical Mod Battery Safety

Mechanical Mod Battery Safety


  • the amp limit of the battery is how you determine if your battery is safe to use with a specific coil. the continuous amp limit is what you need to pay attention to.
  • resistance of coil and the amp limit


Unregulated mods, also known as mechanical mods, have no circuitry or safety protections. They are simply metal tubes, or sometimes boxes, into which a battery is inserted. This means you should take extra safety precautions when using a mechanical mod.


  • Keep it clean: Regularly clean all the threading and inner walls of your mech mod. It’s best to use an alcohol wipe or alcohol and a cotton swab. Dirty threading can interfere with the circuit and cause a “hot button"" — i.e., a button that remains stuck even after you let go.


  • Keep your wrappers clean. If there is a cut, knick, or any other sort of damage to your wrapper I always recommend buying new ones or re-wrapping the batteries.


  • If you noticed your battery getting increasingly hot for no reason or any sort of smoke coming out of your mod, remove the battery if safely possible and put it somewhere where it can vent safely


  • Always dispose of batteries properly. Normally local vape stores, radio shacks, or other electrical stores will do this.
Jun 22nd 2022


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