Liquid State E-Juice Review - Full Line

Liquid State E-Juice Review - Full Line

Liquid State is a favorite among our ZB Members...and there's a reason why...

Liquid State is one of those brands that fly off the shelves whenever we get it in, it sells out in minutes. Beautiful packaging, great branding, and even better flavors that offer unique flavors inspired by states in the USA. I finally managed to get my hands on all the flavors and try them out myself. Here's my verdict:

The Set-up: Smok Alien 220W Mod with a TFv8 Big Baby Beast @ 100 watts, 0.167 ohms.

First Up, Coney Cake - Described as a funnel cake pastry topped with powdered sugar and a rich vanilla bean ice cream.

Well, since the bottle is completely gone I'm going to say it's pretty good. The most noticeable flavor is the light, flaky bakery taste of a funnel cake with an after taste of very light vanilla and a hint of sugar. It's absolutely a bakery/dessert flavor, and the taste of ice cream and sugar is light, but if you like a pastry taste without the overpowering taste of a lot of sugar, this one is for you. I want to say Coney Cake doesn't sound like it would be a unique flavor, but it has a different take on a favorite dessert and I really appreciate and love it.

Cali Colada - Described as a creamy, tropical pina colada with ripe juicy mango, sweet pineapple, and hints of guava.

This was the flavor I really wanted to try, and I was not disappointed. Guys, get excited because it tastes just like a tropical pina colada drink and you will have people begging to try. On inhale, I get a very creamy pina colada taste and on exhale - hate to be cliche - but it's a blast of tropical flavor. It's one of those tropical blends where if you focus on that flavor you're going to taste it. It's a genius blend and again, delicious. If you love fruit vapes, order this right now.

Orange Dream - Described as a flavorful orange sherbet and silky vanilla cream.

This flavor I got in my ZampleBox awhile back, but I re-ordered to try it again because this was another flavor I demolished. It's heavy on the orange flavor and very light on the vanilla. On inhale, it's a juicy orange taste and on exhale you start to get the hint of vanilla. Don't get me wrong, it's a great flavor that I love, but again, it's very heavy on the orange flavor. If you like fruits or a citrus flavor, this one is worth a try.

Apple Butter - Described as Sweet Washington apples slow cooked to caramelized perfection and blended with spiced cinnamon.

This one brought a tear to my eye. I grew up with relatives that had apple orchards right in the back yard. I remember my grandpa making us a cinnamon apple butter spread on some toast for Sunday breakfast. What I love about this, is that this flavor is based off of my home state, Washington. I might be a tad biased on this, but I give them 5 stars for this one. On a few inhales, there is a buttery apple taste and on exhale a fair amount of cinnamon blended in. This flavor tastes pretty close to the cinnamon apple butter I had growing up. Liquid State, you killed this flavor.

Sweet Leaf - Described as a Georgia peach twist on sweet tea lemonade is a true southern charm

I'll be blunt with this one, it's a peach tea. I'm not a huge tea fan, and this one is good, especially because I do love fruit vapes and this one is heavy on the peach flavor. I didn't get a lemonade flavor at all in this. It does make me want to go outside and vape this with a good book though. Inhale and exhale is even, I get peach tea on both, but I want to note that it's such a smooth flavor. If you're into tea vapes or a peach fanatic, I'd look into this.

Cowboy Cobbler - Described as a delicious, freshly baked fruit cobbler

Hmm, this one took me a minute. So, I'm a massive (and I do mean massive) cobbler fan, and it's a tasty flavor. However, the fruit taste bounces between peach and apple and I cannot put my finger on which one it is. It's kind of fun though, people tell me apple and others tell me peach, and I can't say what is right cause it tastes like both to me. On inhale, the doughy deliciousness of a cobbler with hint of cinnamon, then on exhale you get that mystery fruit blend with more cinnamon. It's still a really great product from Liquid State, and as a dessert lover I'm happy I got to try this.

I'm giving an overall rating of 4.8 stars to Liquid State's line up.

If you haven't heard about Liquid state, or curious to try it, I highly recommend it. It's one of those top quality e-liquids that's definitely sticking around for awhile. If you've tried Liquid State before, tell us which flavors you loved in the comments below!

Jun 22nd 2022


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