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Last Minute Vape Gifts | Community


All hail Procrastination...

Ok, so maybe Christmas is like 2 days away and you haven't started your christmas shopping. No worries, We're Kings and Queens of this. We always figure out last minute anyways! I found some cool gift ideas for the Vaper in your life that might help you out...not just for today, but anytime you need.


1. A Subscription to a Vape Magazine



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For someone who genuinely enjoys vaping, the Vape magazine holds a treasure chest of month to month knowledge. Whether it's reviews, or introducing the new gear, a Vape Magazine subscription might not be a bad idea. Sure, they might not get the Dec issue, but what a great way to start the new year!




2. A Case for E-Liquids



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I actually got this idea personally from my father. I have a lot of e-juice, and well...didn't really have a case to put them in and lug around. Well my friends, the metal lunchbox is actually a GREAT idea for a carrying case. My only suggestion is to add some sort of padding so the glass containers from the e-juice don't break against the box. The best part is that these come in MANY different shapes, sizes and designs! SCORE!




3. Go to your local Vape Shop



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I know, especially if you have no idea what vaping even is, going to the vape shop might be a little intimidating; however, if you want to figure out what an RDA even is, the vape shop is going to be the best bet. Use Yelp or any other trusted review site before visiting. Get confident the service will be great and JUST GO! There are a lot of great items in there that your Vape Giftee will love. Whether it's a new Mod, or some delicious new juice flavors, the vape shop is the place to be (plus a lot of shops have gift cards if you can't figure it out).




4. Make Your Own Build Set



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If you know the Vaper in your life is a builder, there is some awesome stuff you can go get that any builder will super appreciate it. Most of these products you can get at your local hardware store! Here's a list of common items builders use:

  • Electric Drill (be careful with this one, a lot of builders want to pick their own)
  • New Wire Clippers (hobby stores or Jo-anns / Michaels is the best place)
  • Anvil or metal surface (perhaps a work bench?) for being able to pound out metal
  • Pliers with 3-4 different set types
  • A dentist pick set (persicion instruments such as these can be found at art stores as well)
  • Vices or Clamps (Can be found at Lowes or Home Depot)
  • Presicion Screw Driver Set
  • High Grit Sand Paper
  • Masking Tape

One huge note is when it comes to purchasing wire, we HIGHLY recommend you purchasing that at a vape store. I never recommend buying wire outside of a vape shop, because it could be less quality. When it comes to them inhaling something, excellent quality wire is important. 



5. An E-Juice Subscription!



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I mean, we have the service available, so why not?! Especially if you know the vaper in your life enjoys trying new juices. We have over 1,500 flavors and our members have the ability to personalize it so they can get flavors they know they'll enjoy. Click here to check out our e-juice page!



6. A shelf...a really. cool. shelf.



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I know what you're're thinking, what? Ok well listen, it's LAST MINUTE gift ideas. IKEA, Walmart, Target, ALL have awesome shelves. What is the shelf for? For the millions of e-juices your Vaper more then likely has. It's a great and elegant way to display their tasty treats, and helps them organize. So, just be sure when they open that Christmas present you look them in the eye and tell them, and then watch the delight in their eyes!


 7. An Ultra Sonic Jewlery Cleaner



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This is that one present you get where it looks like you spent a LOT of time thinking about that perfect thing, but secretly you didn't. Why an ultra sonic cleaner? Well let me tell you. Several people in our own office have one, and it is one of the best ways to COMPLETELY clean a tank (cause that sticky-ejuice builds up). All you need is this bad boy, and some dish soap. Let the tank wash. (Make sure there are no eletrical bits going in there.) Then dump out the water and add clean water. Let the tank rinse, and voil√†! It'll be sparkling like brand new. I found some of these at my local Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Well there you have it. Good luck out there!


Do you have any last minute vape gift ideas? Let us know!

Jun 22nd 2022


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