Jam Monster Ejuice Review

Jam Monster Ejuice Review

A flavor unlike ANY other...

Jam Monster is a new line here at ZampleBox. I'm a fan of jam flavored e-liquid, but it's hard to find an authentic tasting one. Most of the time, I get a preserved - almost fake flavor of fruit, with some toast notes. Jam Monster really impressed me. I've heard people talking about it, how tasty it is, and I'm just now getting my hands on it. Well, I have to say, this e-juice line is well worth the review.

The SetUp: Alien 220 watt mod, with Baby Beast Tank, 0.175 ohm coils at 50 watts.


Guys, this blueberry jam on toast is like...heaven. What I love about this is that it ACTUALLY tastes like authentic blueberry jam, and not the cheap in store stuff, like the I went to a farmers market and picked up a fresh batch. On inhale, I get a mix of light blueberry and butter. Then on exhale it's just like taking a bite out of a fresh blueberry jam, with butter and toast. It's the exact taste, and I'm really not kidding. It's amazing how they nailed this flavor it's so good! Huge cloud production, very smooth flavor, not a lot of throat hit for a 3mg flavor.


Guuuuys, you thought the blueberry was good? The strawberry takes it to the next level. I love strawberries like I love it. This flavor tastes EXACTLY like a strawberry jam with buttered toast. I want to know how they did this, how much testing it took because it's amazing. Inhale is strawberries, and then on the exhale it's again, like a big bite out of a fresh strawberry jam and buttered toast. It's seriously hands down, one of the best flavors I've tried in 2017. The taste is incredible.

The verdict..

Incredible flavor, again, the best e-juice I've tried in 2017. The flavor is powerful and balanced, it's so good. I'm giving this entire line 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Jun 22nd 2022


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