Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?


Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking

Are you sick of spending so much on cigarettes? There is something that you can do to save money on your smoking habits, that being to take up vaping. By making the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you could end up saving a boatload of cash in the long run. For the juicy lowdown on the average costs attached to both smoking and vaping, be sure to read on.

Is vaping cheaper than smoking cigarettes?

In a word: yes. Vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes. In fact, it’s a lot cheaper. As a pack a day smoker, making the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes will save you an estimated 92% in the long run. Of course, this is just an estimate, and there are several variables that can and will have an impact on the amount of cash that you spend when you make the switch to e-cigarettes. For starters, it all depends on how much you usually smoke and how seriously you take your vaping venture. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the average costs of vaping vs. smoking. If you purchase one pack of cigarettes every day, your annual smoking costs will more than likely exceed $2000. Yes, that’s $2000 quite literally going up in smoke! If you switch to vaping, however, you will no doubt find yourself spending a lot less. Depending on how much you vape, what type of starter kit you purchase, and how many times you have to replace coils, you could get away with spending as little as $300 per annum.

How to save money on vaping

Just to be clear, $300 is the lowest amount of money that you can expect to pay on vaping each year. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending a whole lot more! If you want to save money and keep your average costs down, in the long run, you must put the following advice into practice: Shop online By opting to shop for your vaping apparatus online instead of heading to the store, you will be able to tap into a wider range of deals and sales. Take out a vape subscription box If you sign up for our vape juice subscription that we offer here at ZampleBox, you will be able to purchase curated vape juices at wholesale prices. Join the vaping community If you want to remain abreast of all the latest ways to save money on e-liquids, you should join the vaping community. So, is vaping cheaper than cigarettes? Yes, as long as the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes is taken seriously. Just remember — vaping might be cheaper than smoking, but you still have to make an effort to keep your costs down! Heed all of the advice laid out above, and you’ll be sure to do just that. "

Jun 22nd 2022


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