Is Vaping Annoying?

Is Vaping Annoying?
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Vaping has come crashing through the walls of popular culture like a big, vapey Kool-Aid Man. ""OOOOHHH YEEAAH!"" he bellows as he barrels through your living room wall, chucking some fat clouds and maybe riding a hoverboard. But is vaping actually annoying or it just certain things and... people within the vaping community? I mean, we like to think we're a pretty easy going bunch. We just want to stay off of cigarettes and taste good flavors while we do it.

To get to the bottom of these quandaries, we took ourselves down to the Vape Expo in Atlanta, Georgia and asked some vapers what their thoughts on the matter were. We got a wide variety of answers, and people had a lot of insightful and interesting things to say. The point of this video is to figure out what it is about vaping that bugs people and if there's anything we can do as a community to change that. We hope you enjoy this video.

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Mar 11th 2024


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