IPV8 Review

IPV8 Review

An interesting offering at an interesting price. But how does it stack up against the Fuchai 213?

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Ian and Chris have plenty to say about the IPV8. You can watch the video just below, but I'm gonna break it down for you here.

With good ergonomics, the IPV8 is a very comfortable mod to hold, featuring a nice bevel and a great stone-y finish that's simultaneously gripping and forgiving.

The IPV8 fires well and weighs in at a formidable 230 watts and can accommodate all the standard size atomizers, even 25mm.

All in all, a nice mod! But... and this is a big but, the Fuchai 213's build quality is sturdier and more precise, and the Fuchai 213 features power preheat that allows it to more effectively run heavier gauge wire and large, elaborate coils.

We liked the IPV8, we really did, but we didn't like it quite as much as the Fuchai.

Ian's Score: B+
Chris' Score: B+
Mar 11th 2024


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