Interview with A Billion Lives director, Aaron Biebert

Interview with A Billion Lives director, Aaron Biebert
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The 2016 award-winning documentary A Billion Lives put the spotlight on big business interests that negatively affect millions of people's lives, specifically in the ways these interests hinder the potential impact of healthier alternatives to smoking. We recently were able to interview and chat with Aaron Biebert, the documentary director of A Billion Lives who is currently working on his new project, You Don't Know Nicotine.

This time around, Biebert and his crew are focused on investigating the truth about nicotine specifically and working to debunk inaccurate and negative misconceptions about nicotine.

Check out Biebert's story and his journey to create more awareness regarding the truth about vaping and nicotine! If you guys want to support the You Don't Know Nicotine project, please head over to the Kickstarter page and donate! ~ Chris

Mar 11th 2024


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