Influential Female Vapers | Community

Influential Female Vapers | Community


Influential Women in the Vaping Industry

International Women’s Day: It’s a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  In an industry and community which is largely dominated by men, the women of vaping often go unnoticed. The first week of working at the vape shop when someone said to me, ""Kelsey! You're just a pretty face behind the counter, you don't know anything about vaping."" I responded, not hurt by the comments he made, ""Give me three months and I will surpass any man in this company with the knowledge I will obtain myself."" I did just that. I spent countless hours studying Ohm's Law, conductivity, battery capacity and safety. I stayed up all hours of the night building coils over and over again just so I could learn how to reach my target resistance by memory. I became obsessed with an industry and the people who made it possible. Months later, that same guy asked me to build him an intricate coil. I looked at him, smiled, and said, ""Oh? But I thought I was just a pretty face?"" 

In honor of International Women's Day, we are highlighting some of the women in the vaping community who are vape shop owners, e-liquid mixologists, photographers, tricker, coil builders, activists, and influencer's for each part of what brings this industry together.  The ladies featured here are only a few of the many females in the industry, and today is a day to celebrate all of their accomplishments. 




Andrea Hendricks 

Instagram: @stachesauce

Facebook: Andrea McDonald-Hendricks

Website: Stache Sauce 

Photo Credit: Stache Vape


""I vape because I want to live. Cigarettes should be illegal!!""


A Glimpse at Andrea's Vaping Story

Andrea is the owner and chef/mixologist for the e-liquid company Stache Sauce and Stache Ride. Andrea and her husband Chris also own the shop Vapor Cafe in Tacoma, WA. While Chris is the face most know from Stache Sauce, Andrea is the secret behind the brilliant flavors for each of the juice lines. 


What age did you started smoking? 

I started smoking at a very young age. Despite what my parents know, I was only 12. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a real smoker at that point. I had no way of getting regular cigarettes, besides the ones that we ""obviously"" took from our parents or wherever my friends and I could find them. If we were lucky we could each have one cigarette a month!! It was rare, but it was fun. That lasted through middle school. I quit during most of high school altogether. I would randomly hang out with smoker friends and have a cigarette now and then. This continued through college, albeit the few long periods of ""trying to be healthy"". From that point I stayed a closet smoker, it just depended on who I was hanging around that night. Once I married Chris, we began to smoke a little more. It went from one cigarette a week, split between us on a drunken evening, to each of us having our own, then buying a pack, then having a nightly ritual.... then a morning, afternoon, evening ritual.


When did you start vaping and how long have you been tobacco free?

Then the dreaded question happened from the most innocent of them all. Our 5 year old (at the time) asked us to quit 'because they stink'. He figured it out and flat out caught us red handed. That's when we decided to look into electronic cigarettes. We started with our Fancy Ego Kits from the Vaporium and Vaporama and Two Peas brand liquids. The BEST right? Of course we loved it!


What moved you to get involved in the vaping industry?

We loved vaping so much we decided to open our own shop in north Tacoma! There was no one else in that area at the time so we got it at the right time and were able to grow in the right direction with the industry. Chris had just retired from the military (after 22 years) and was looking for a second career. How could you pass up a profession of saving lives?? We had the opportunity with the help of another friend in the business so we took it! We invested everything we had and worked very hard. Shortly after, we started our very own house juice line called Stache Sauce. There's just something about mustaches and having a stash of e-liquid!! I used all the premium flavors I could get my hands on and I mixed and mixed until I found the flavors I loved most. Our customers loved them so much they begged us to sell it, so we started bottling it up for them. I am a Dental Hygienist, so I have a high respect for cleanliness. At this time we were using the back office to mix flavors (3 years ago!!). Chris studied and studied this business. He's just so damn good at it! Together we've learned how to grow both of our businesses (Vapor Cafe, Stache Sauce & Stache Ride) with the juice lines going out of state, out of the country and all over the world now. It's absolutely amazing!


What is your favorite part of your specific job/talent for the vaping industry?

As far as my position in the company, I get to do all the mixing. I come up with the the flavorful combinations in each of our eliquids! It's the absolute best part about this company. That's where I take pride in knowing our customers are getting exactly what they're paying for... a premium juice!! I get to run and operate a clean lab with amazing employees that would do anything to help our company succeed! I couldn't have asked for better employees! The rest of the business side gets boring for me, but that is where my husband really excels!!


And, just for fun… What is your favorite e-juice flavor right now?

My favorite flavor is Flavor Saver and Ferris Wheel. It's the only thing I've vaped for three years. The favors are on point and I just know it's made carefully by me personally. No one knows my recipes :)



Hannah Merrill 

Instagram: @___JustPeachyy

Facebook: Hannah Merrill


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