How Vape Works

How Vape Works

"While vaping is garnering a good name for itself as a great way to help people kick their cigarette habit, it has occurred to us that not many people know how vaping works.

Since we’re in the business of educating our ZampleBox vape family, we thought we’d take some time to explain just how this vaping thing works. We’re going to aim to explain this in a very simple way, but if you ever need clarification on anything or just want to talk to an experienced vaper, you can always reach out to us! Now, let’s get started!

The Parts

Vaping is done with a vaporizer; this is the device that brings nicotine into your system. Some vaporizers look like futuristic cigarettes; others look like mechanical devices that would look more at home in your garage than anywhere else. Either way, all vape mods, as they’re known, have common parts.

Vape mods are made up of a battery, which can be charged through a USB cord or with rechargeable batteries; a cartridge or tank, which holds eliquid; a heating element, which is known as an atomizer; and a sensor that registers when you are using the device. Most of these devices also have an LED light so that you know when the mod is firing and that the e-liquid is flowing through the device.

How It Works

Vaping works by heating the e-liquid. This is done by boiling the e-liquid with the atomizer, which is housed within the vape mod. You inhale the vapor and blow it out, simulating smoking without all the nasty side effects. We’re going to mention here that vape mods all work about the same, but different mods will give you stronger vapor production or better taste; it depends on the atomizer and the construction of the mod. However, as the industry creates new technologies, the door is open for different ways to create the vaping experience.

We know that this is a very short primer on vaping, which is fine because we wrote it to be that way. The main takeaway that we want you to know is that while traditional smoking requires you to burn tobacco and other toxins, vaping uses a method that boils an e-liquid. That’s what makes vaping safer than smoking.

If you have any more questions about what vaping is, let us know in the comments before. We’re here to answer any concerns you may have. Happy vaping!

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Jun 22nd 2022


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