How to get 30ml Upgrades

How to get 30ml Upgrades


ZampleBox just got that much more awesome.

In this day in age, with products like the TFV12, we noticed the demand for more ejuice. No longer is 15mls enough, and you know what? We agree. We’ve introduced 30ml upgrades for your ZampleBox for $3 per 30ml you select in your box (which averages out at about $5 - $8 for a 30ml bottle! SCORE!)

How does one select 30ml upgrades?

There are two ways! We’ll show you both. The first one is the easiest, go to your dashboard. On the left-hand side of your desktop, you’ll see “My Next Box"" click on that. You should have a few available slots for you to select juices that you would like in your next box. Click on an open slot, and it will take you to a page of available e juices for you to reserve. If there is a flavor you’d like to try, select it, and if a 30ml upgrade is available to you, it will notify you that the 30ml is available for an additional $3. Check out the step-by-step below to see.

Option 1: Through your Dashboard

Go to your dashboard, click on ""My Next Box"" located on the left-hand side of your dash.

Note: 30mls are an additional $3 charge per bottle you request! Which, still if you think about it, you'd be paying between $5 - $8 per 30ml - which is a SCORE!

Option 2: Through the Retail Store

If you’re ever checking out the ZB Retail store, you may stumble across a flavor you’d want try and it just so happens we have it available! You can click the Add to Box button, and if it’s a 30ml upgrade it will notify you it’s a $3 upgrade.

Hope you’re just as excited as we are with these 30ml upgrade!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to post it below and we will do our best to answer them quickly as we can!


Jun 22nd 2022


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