How Drip Tip's Affect Vape Flavors

How Drip Tip's Affect Vape Flavors

Did you know different drip tips can affect the flavor of your e-liquid?

Does size really matter? Well, in regard to e juice flavors... yes it does. The drip tip has a lot to do with the flavor notes because of what area of your tongue the vapor is reaching.

So first off, What Are Drip Tips?
Drip tips are the pieces that are inserted into the tank or RDA that the vaper inhales through.

Why Do Vaper’s Use Drip Tips?
Drip tips have always been a fun accessory created to customize vaping devices. The variety of customization is really unlimited. Some vapers love the wide open air-flow of a wide bore, while others prefer the tighter airflow of a ming style drip tip. For myself I prefer my vape close to the middle of these two categories.

How Do Drip Tips Affect Flavor? So how does the width of the drip tip change the flavor? Well, it has a lot to do with where our taste buds are located. Do you remember when we were young doing those experiments in science class and learning where different flavors became more prominent on our tongue? That's exactly what this is!

Tighter Draw | Sweet flavors

When using a drip tip that has a tighter draw it is much more likely that you will notice predominantly sweeter notes. This is because when you inhale using the tighter drip tip it actually directionalized the vapor to the center of the tongue. Which is where we receive the sweet flavors.


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