Holiday Vape Flavors of 2016

Holiday Vape Flavors of 2016

What Will Kickstart the Holidays for YOU?!

Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and if you're not in the holiday spirit quite yet these flavors are sure to kickstart that lovely holiday joy. Add the flavor tags into your flavor profile for a chance to try one of these tasty treats in your November Zamplebox! If you just can’t handle the anticipation of waiting for your November box to arrive head over to the Zamplebox store and order it today!

Pumpkin | The Shape by Vape Cache

It doesn't have to be fall to enjoy some delicious pumpkin pie. Wrap your wick around this delicious shape topped with thick whipped cream
Flavor Tags: Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Cream, Dessert, Pie

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Vanilla | Vader by Cyber Liquids

Welcome to the dark side. Did you know that the Empire has a favorite e-liquid? Yeah, really! It's cookie dough & vanilla hazelnut custard. That's why the Forces are so strong with this one.
Flavor Tags: Cookie Dough, Dessert, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Cookie, Cream, Custard.

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Caramel | Emperor by Juice Man

The emperor's got some new digs, and he's graciously sharing them with you! Sweet caramel tobacco meets rich fudge and toffee with a creamy milk chaser for a lush e-liquid flavor that's worthy of royalty!

Flavor Tags: Caramel, Fudge, Milk, Rich, Tobacco, Toffee

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Apple Pie | Winners Circle by Victory Liquid

You're in the Winner's Circle with the gold strapped around your neck. Time to sit and enjoy a gluttonous helping of apple pie à la Mode. Sure, it's falling off the plate, but you won this ejuice chase!

Flavor Tags: Apple, Apple Pie, Bakery, Cinnamon, Custard, Pie, Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Cream, Dessert, Ice Cream

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Toasted Marshmallow | Chronos by Omega Vape

Time will stand still after you taste this three-headed beast of an e-liquid from Omega Vape! Creamy white chocolate meets rich vanilla and toasted marshmallow for an otherworldly flavor worthy of the gods themselves.

Flavor Tags: Chocolate, Cream, Dessert, Marshmallow, Rich, Toasted Marshmallow, Vanilla, White Chocolate

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Brown Sugar | Electric Daisy by Boardwalk Vapor

What makes an electric Daisy electric? you may ask. Well, only the juiciest of strawberry e-liquid flavors accented with brown sugar and topped with the creamiest of whipped delights.

Flavor Tags: Berry, Cream, Fruit, Brown Sugar, Strawberry

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Rum | Drunk Monkey by G2 Vapor

Oh geez, the monkey got a little too tipsy again! Eliquid flavors of creamy ripe banana and spicy dark rum will have you dancing just like our drunk little friend!

Flavor Tags: Banana, Dessert, Alcohol, Cream, Rum, Spicy

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Gingerbread Cookie | Cinnamon Crush by California Vaping Company

A shape in a drape to be sure! A touch of cinnamon and a waft of vanilla make this gingerbread e-liquid flavor both complex and smooth at the same time!

Flavor Tags: Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Spicy, Bakery, Dessert, Vanilla

30ml bottle for $19.99, or $17.99 for members!

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