Flavor Ban? - ZampleTalk Episode 48

Flavor Ban? - ZampleTalk Episode 48

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The FDA wants your opinion on vaping!

After hearing years of news about upcoming regulations hitting the vaping industry, it's nice to hear some potentially good news. Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the FDA, has put out a statement asking for comments and opinions of vape flavors. The resulting regulations could possibly ban a lot of flavors, but they want your opinion. Now is your chance to make your voice heard! You have a really limited time to get your comment in. You owe it to vaping to take a few minutes out of your day to let the FDA know how flavors have helped you. Vaping being more appealing than smoking is the whole reason why many of us have switched from smoking. Chris and James discuss this whole Flavor Ban business and what they would ban, if they were Emperors of the Universe.

Seriously though, this is one of those rare occasions where we're actually being asked for our input from a regulatory entity. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Speak up for vaping!

Also in this episode, we talk to one of our favorite vape juice companies, CaliSteam. We ask them what their inspiration behind starting one of the best e liquid companies around was and get the lowdown on some stuff they make be working on in the future. If you've enjoyed Toucan or any of their other vape juices, be sure to check this episode out.

Follow this link to let the FDA know what you think of vape flavors while you still have the chance!

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Mar 11th 2024


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