FDA Regulations: Bottle Compliance Timeline

FDA Regulations: Bottle Compliance Timeline


After digging, and digging, we finally got the timeline for our precious e-liquid bottles!

*UPDATE: We updated the dates for the Child Proof Cap Deadline. It is July 26th, NOT July 1st.* 

** UPDATE: From our understanding, we CAN continue to sell outside of the U.S., but for us to still meet the regulations, the ""Sale Only Allowed in the U.S."" must be on the bottle. We're working hard to clarify this.**

In light of the new FDA regulations on vaping, there's a mad scramble among all of us in the vaping industry to get our ducks in a row, and become compliant to the new rules. Some of it, is really confusing, but have no fear! We here at Zamplebox put our heads together and came up with a timeline for the bottles.

One of the most confusing things about these regulations however, is that part of the August 8th 2016 timeline is that you cannot make any changes to your Eliquid OR Label - We again are working on trying to clear this up (because there are deadlines outside of August 8th), but keep this in mind.

As more an more information is passed down the pipe line (hell, batch numbering doesn't even have a due date yet) some of these dates and requirements may change. Make sure you're doing everything you can to stay informed! 


**NOTE ABOUT WARNING LABEL: The warning label MUST BE on a black background, with white text and white outline OR a white background, with black text and a black outline. 3mm lining around the edge, must have 12pt Helvetica (or Arial). Bold, and must be 30% of the total label.**


DISCLAIMER: This is by no means legal advice and adhering purely to this timeline WILL NOT get you through regulations. Make sure to check with your lawyer before making any decisions.



Jun 22nd 2022


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