ECC 2018! Intro to our vaping awards!

ECC 2018! Intro to our vaping awards!


We vaped it up at ECC!

We went around this year's Electronic Cigarette Convention and gave out our annual E-Liquid Awards! We interviewed some models and vape promoters, tried a lot of hot new products, met some fans, and had an overall amazing time! Thanks so much for everyone that came out to see us!

Every year, we take the mountain of data that we get from Zamplebox family member's votes on e-liquid and we use it to determine what the most popular vape juices of the past year have been. We then dole out the Zamplebox E-Liquid Awards to the winning companies! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to learn the winners of the vape awards as we announce them!

Award Categories:

Best cereal vape

Best drink vape

Best tobacco vape

Best milk vape

Best cream vape

Best candy vape

Best custard vape

Best dessert vape

Best fruit vape

Best menthol vape

Best vape of 2017

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-Jared & The ZB Team"

Jun 22nd 2022


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