Earth Day | E-liquids That Promote Organic

Earth Day | E-liquids That Promote Organic


In honor of Earth Day we are featuring one of our newest partners Virgin Vapor. This company strives to make quality e-liquid that ONLY contain quality ingredients. The quality in their ingredients come from only using organic flavoring, vegan, GMO-free ingredients, and none of them contain sugar or gluten.



Questions and Answers with Virgin Vapor Owner Annette Rogers

Q: Why did you choose to make your e-liquid organic and what do you is the benefit to having all organic ingredients in your e-liquid?


A: When I first made the switch to vaping, I loved it and especially loved trying different flavors.  One day I was vaping a bubble gum flavored e-liquid and staring at the hot pink colored liquid in the bottle when I suddenly thought, “I wonder what is making my e-liquid bright pink?  More importantly, do I want to be inhaling artificial coloring into my lungs if I don’t have to?""  I threw myself into research and I soon discovered that the e-liquid industry was much like the wild west.

There were no rules, no regulations and most of the time I couldn’t even get answers to my questions about what, exactly, was in the e-liquid I was vaping.  I decided that vapers should have a choice and if one didn’t yet exist, I would create one for them and for myself.
Virgin Vapor was born.

To me, Virgin Vapor has always been much more than a business.  It has been a personal pursuit of perfection, a constant challenge and a labor of love.  I have always felt a great responsibility to the now millions of people who have vaped Virgin Vapor e-liquid, the responsibility to create the very best, purest product that I possibly can.  I am very proud of what I have been able to create and how Virgin Vapor has helped to lead the way to industry responsibility.

2010 is old for an e-liquid company, we’ve spent that time really learning what it takes to make a truly premium e-liquid.

Q: How do organic ingredients differ from non-organic ingredients?

A: Our e-liquids do not contain any artificial flavorings, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or any other additives. They are also vegan, GMO-free and contain no sugar or gluten.
While many of our customers come to us for the benefits of going organic, they often don't realize until they taste our e-liquids that organic also just tastes better. If you're used to fake tasting flavors with a chemical aftertaste, you are in for a treat. Virgin Vapor flavors taste just like nature intended!

We believe artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and other nasty chemicals don't belong in our food, and certainly don't belong in our e-liquid!  We disclose every ingredient on each product page so you know exactly what you are vaping.

Our ingredients are simple:
pharmaceutical grade Kosher nicotine
organic pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin
pure, distilled water
certified organic flavors


Q: In honor of Earth Day what is your opinion on recycling e-juice bottles?

A: Our bottles are glass and are easy to recycle. We will never use any material other than glass for our bottles.

Q: Do you believe vaping has a positive or negative effect on the environment? Tell us why.

A: Especially with our Organic Product Line, there are no negative effects to the environment.


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Jun 22nd 2022


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