Crow & Chemist E-Juice Review

Crow & Chemist E-Juice Review

A premium e-juice line built for your all day vape wellness..

If you're a ZampleBox member, you may have received one of these flavors before. Crow & Chemist has 4 ejuices in their line: One root beer flavors, a lemon flavored, a pineapple and coconut, and a strawberry and cream flavor. They're goal is to make these great all day vapes, and well, I put that to the test.

SET UP: Wismec RX 2/3 + UWELL CROWN 2 at 65 watts, .50 ohms

Sassafrass - OMG

Cream, Rootbeer, Soda, Dessert, Ice Cream

Looking for a root beer soda / candy vape? LOOK NO FARTHER. Hands DOWN one of the best root beer vapes I've ever experienced. On inhale, it's like drinking a creamy root beer float, on the exhale you get a bit more of the rootbeer barrel candy taste. The cream is pretty light, but you can definitely taste it. It's more of the rootbeer candy side to me, rather then the root beer float, but that inhale you almost get the root beer float taste. If you love root beer, seriously, try this. My only side note I have on this flavor is because of how sweet it is, this is one of those flavors that destroys coils quickly...but honestly, it's good enough for me to not care.

Limoncello - 3MG

Lemon, Citrus, Drink, Fruit

Veeeerrrry Lemony - like. It's lemon. It's not too harsh, or too intense to use as an all day vape which is actually pretty impressive. Personally, I think this vape flavor would amazing with a drink pairing, which it just so happens I had when I was reviewing. I think this is the kind of all day vape where if you are like, hey, I'm having some sort of sport-drink, energy drink, ect., This is a great pairing with. If you enjoy lemon flavors, but don't want the overpowering sourness that some might have, this is your flavor. I'm impressed, lemon flavors are hard to hit and this flavor nailed it.

Strawberry Jubilee - 0MG

Fruit, Strawberry, Cream, Berry

This one really took me back. Listen, I'm a huge fruit fan in general, and i'm pretty picky on strawberry flavors because there is so many. This one, is pretty freakin' good. You remember those old candies you grandma might have had that little strawberry and cream things? Tastes JUST like that. Very creamy, and lots of strawberry flavor. It's like the basic go too that enough flavor to get you that taste you need, and light enough to not go too crazy on the sweetness. All around, great all day vape.

Pura Vida - 0MG

Coconut, Tropical, Fruit, Pineapple, Vanilla

This is one of those vapes that I had to try it a couple times to really get the notes of the other flavors. The coconut is the most noticeable of all the flavors, but there is a faint pineapple taste that makes this another tropical paradise vape. Out of the 4, this was my least favorite, however, I'm not a big fan of coconut. I will say, it is still a good tasting flavor - you can absolutely tell this is a great, high-quality juice. Just like it's 3 siblings in this line, the flavor is not ridiculously over-powering that it can be used as an all day vape.

My Final Thoughts: I have to say, my favorite was the Sassafrass hands down. With SO many good flavors out there to try, I'd recommend giving these guys not just a try, but putting them on the list of an all day vape. Their flavors are great, and again, not too intense where you couldn't vape it all day. Find the one you love, and give it a go, I don't believe you'd be disappointed. Aside from flavors, Crow & Chemist has a great brand, passionate people behind it, and comes in at a fair price. My ONLY thing... I wish they had bigger bottles than 15ml.

Tried Crow and Chemist before? What flavor did you try?

Jun 22nd 2022


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