Can Vaping Kill You?

Can Vaping Kill You?

"This will come as no surprise to hear, but there is a lot of fear-mongering that is happening within the vaping community.

It gets so bad that some people go as far as suggesting that vaping can kill you, regardless of there being no evidence to substantiate that claim. We’re here to shine a light on the myth and tell you the truth. As always, we encourage you to look deeper into this for yourselves, but please feel free to use this blog as a jumping off point! Here’s the myth, the science, and what you should consider going forward.

The Myth

The prevailing myth is that people can die from vaping too much nicotine; some anti-vapers think it is possible to overdose on nicotine with vaping. The myth points to the various levels of nicotine that can be obtained with e-liquids and how someone who continuously vapes is in danger of suffering from a nicotine overdose. This isn’t true. If you’re vaping commercially bought eliquid as it is intended, concentrations are too low to trigger an actual overdose. Even in cases where individuals make their own juice, there is no documentation to support this myth.

Children are of course more susceptible to nicotine poisoning, so it’s incredibly important that you store your e-juice in a place where children cannot reach them. More and more e-juice manufacturers are moving over to child safe caps, but it’s still important to take every precaution that you can to keep it out of the hands of kids. We recommend purchasing a locking cabinet or safe that is outside of your child’s reach.

The Science

There are a few truths that need to be addressed surrounding this myth. The first is that there are no reported deaths caused by vaping in adults. There has been one confirmed death for vaping-related nicotine poisoning in children. The New York Daily News reported that in December of 2014, a one-year-child died after ingesting an e-liquid that contained nicotine. It is important to take note that this child didn’t ingest ready-to-vape eliquid that you would find in a vape shop, he actually consumed liquid concentrated nicotine intended for mixing your own juice at home. There is a huge difference. The article further states that one teaspoon of liquid nicotine is fatal to children. Again, we must stress the importance of storing your eliquid and any DIY materials in a safe area that is out of reach of children.

But as for adults who properly store and use e-liquids, the chances of a death by nicotine overdose is extremely minimal. Your body has a way of sending warning signals when you’ve vaped too much, and you’ll know to slow down before things start to become worse. It takes a large amount of nicotine to kill an adult and the symptoms of nicotine poisoning including nausea and vomiting, both of which are indicative of the body flushing toxins out of the system.

The Future

The fact that there are no reported or confirmed vaping-related deaths since its inception is a good sign. However, that does not mean that vaping is without dangers. Vapers should be aware of nicotine poisoning, the effects it can have on the children around them, and finally, battery safety.

It’s important to remember that 480,000 people die annually from smoking related deaths every single year. Vaping has been proven in numerous studies to be much safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. We want you to be safe when making the switch! While research is ongoing in the vaping community, we’re confident that by using common sense and taking the time to become informed, you will be able to vape safely and without issue.

If you have any questions or comments, drop them in the comments below. We’re here to help you find the answers that you’re looking for.

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Jun 22nd 2022


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