Cali Steam E liquid Review - Full Line

Cali Steam E liquid Review - Full Line

Cali Steam is all about 100% perfection..

Cali Steam is 100% about perfection in all things. Each of its flavors was a labor of love to tweak and design. Each e-juice ingredient is heavily vetted to ensure it's of highest quality. These guys mean business and their ruthless dedication to quality shows in every drop of their e-juice. After meeting some of the team at the 2016 Electronic Cigarette Convention , I knew this team had something special about them, and it shows in their line of juice.

The Set Up: RX200 & TFv8 Beast @ 120 watts

Brain Freeze

Flavor Tags: Berry, Blue Raspberry, Bold, Cherry, Citrus, Fruit, Ice Cream, Lemon, Raspberry

This is one of those all day vapes that you can't put down and brings you back. Do you remember when you were a kid and you mixed ALL the flavors in your slushie? It's like that but way less sweet and 0 calories. On inhale, it's cool and slightly sweet and then on the exhale you get a bit more of the raspberry, cherry and lemon. It's so light but it reminds me a slushie (which I love), seriously one of the best. If you like cool flavors, you have got to try this.

Crazy Toucan (2016 Best Cereal Vape)

Flavor Tags: Cereal, Fruit, Fruit Loops, Milk, Dessert

Crazy Toucan received Best Cereal Vape from Zamplebox's Eliquid Awards and it's not hard to tell why. It's one of those fruit loop vapes that just nails the flavor perfectly. On inhale it's more milky with that distinct fruit loop milk taste, and on exhale you have just a flavor blast of good ole' fruit loops. I demolished the bottle, it's just that good.


Flavor Tags: Fruit, Kiwi, Pear, Tropical, Berry, Strawberry

Oh. My. Gosh. I love fruit flavors and I hunt them down like a wild animal, and this one of my ALL time flavors. The pear is so distinct in this but is balance by the kiwi and faint strawberry flavor. On inhale, its the crisp pear taste that I know and love, and on exhale more of the fresh pear, light kiwi and faint strawberry. Seriously, if you love fruit you must try this!

Cali Girls

Flavor Tags: Fruit, Melon, Watermelon, Candy, Hard Candy

This flavor is perfect for the summertime and even better in all other seasons, why? It brings you back to all the summer feels. Cali Girl is a watermelon candy flavor, and well it's exactly what it says. It's definitely a sweet flavor, but the watermelon is just too good. On inhale, it's the juicy watermelon with the slight hard candy taste and then on exhale you get the full flavor of hard watermelon candy. So. Good.


Bakery, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Bun, Dessert

Cinnamon roll flavors can go one of two ways, sweet and frosty, our doughy and sweet. This flavor is a healthy mix of both. Cinnaswirl has that light spice from a freshly baked cinnamon roll and a good mix of icy and doughy flavors. On inhale, it's the doughy spice and on exhale you get more of the icing flavor. It's a great flavor if you like bakery flavors.


Flavor Tags: Fruit, Kiwi, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Strawberry

A tropical paradise party on your taste buds. It's a unique taste for sure, but if you're a fruit flavor you're going to love this. The best part of Tropicali is that when I vape it, one flavor stands out more then the other on each hit. Maybe it's cause I'll think about it, but I feel like I am getting different flavors of this mix every puff. Seriously, fruit lovers...try this amazing concoction.

All in all, I give the Cali Steam collection 4.8 stars out of 5.

The line up is great, the branding is beautiful, the team behind the juice are funny and incredibly sweet - seriously what more could you ask for? My favorite flavor was the Pearadise, and least favorite was the Cinnaswirl. Cinnaswirl wasn't bad, it's still really good it's just a lot of these flavors out there difficult to compete!

Jun 22nd 2022


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