Have you ever experienced a...

broken bottle, a menu with the bottles you didn't get, a tracking number that didn't update for 2+ days following shipment, a missing or incorrect add on? Well, We're changing things up...

It's a BIG deal to us that you as our Family Member are happy. We're excited to announce we've sealed the deal and we’re stepping up our game. Over the next couple of months we'll be partnering with a new fulfillment center located in the United States. They are one of the leading distributors in the country, and have amazing service. Here are some of the pros of us using this fulfillment center:

Shipments will be more reliable
This means that when it ships, IT SHIPPED. Your tracker will be more accurate and your box will get out faster.

Menus will be more accurate The new technology we're working with will provide you with a way more accurate menu: No more menus that are incorrect!

Less Delays
Sh*t happens, but with this new fulfillment center, sh*t will happen WAY less. We'll be working hard to get your Zamplebox together and sent off ASAP.

WAY. MORE. INVENTORY. ZampleBox has grown into a massive (and amazing) community, now that we're switching, we'll have more room to order even more of your favorite ejuices!

Extra Care
Broken bottles may happen DURING transit, but with our new fulfillment we can get you taken care of faster, and collect data on what's been breaking so we can notify our partners.

Of course, with every MAJOR transition there may or may not be some hiccups...

We ask in these next couple of months for patience. This transition is HUGE we're sending hundreds of thousands of bottles of e-juice to our new fulfillment center and it may cause some slight delays in your upcoming vape boxes. We're confident we should be up and running with our new partners very quickly, but just in case, this blog is to alert you to the new things that are going on!


Jun 22nd 2022


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