Best E-liquids of The Month - May 2018

Best E-liquids of The Month - May 2018


For several years now, we've been hosting our annual e-liquid awards to showcase the best vapes in the world in a large selection of different flavor categories. The winners of our e-liquid awards are based entirely on millions of ratings made by ZampleBox members around the world, so we don't choose them. You do. We've been asked many times lately to start releasing the best e-liquids of the month. You all asked! So here they are! The best e-liquids of May 2018 based on a huge pile of hard statistical data. Enjoy!

Best Candy Vape

Dark, sweet and rich chocolate e-juice flavors infused with a hint of refreshingly sweet mint blend for a vaping experience you won't forget. -Atlas Vapors

Best Cereal Vape

The classic rice crispy treat idea, but they brought in the captain and his crunch berries instead. This delicious vape is held together by gooey marshmallow! -Coastal Clouds

Best Cinnamon Vape

Delicious ripe Banana topped with creamy Caramel and blended with perfectly aged Rum. -Goodlife Vapors

Best Cream Vape

Fire roasted s'mores blended in a sweet cream milkshake. -The Yard

Best Custard Vape

A La Mode is all you need. A warm, sweet, and rich delicious dessert treat packed with vanilla, brown sugar, milk, custard, and cheesecake. A La Mode is what you want if you seek a delicacy. -Vape Craft

Best Dessert Vape

What can we say about Killer Kustard? Well to start off it won Best Dessert Flavor at Vapor Exhibit 2014, it's enjoyed by custard connoisseurs around the world, and in our opinion it's just flat out the best custard around! So the best thing we can do is warn you: Watch out! It's a killer custard! If you like custards or vanilla blends then this flavor will blow your mind! Killer Kustard is our pride and joy here at Vapetasia; so naturally it made its way onto our flagship line. -Vapetasia

Best Fruit Vape

Blood orange is the best and... who dosent like mango? Pour those flavors over some shaved itailan ice and you have a great summer e-liquid. -Coastal Clouds

Best Marshmallow Vape

Constructed around velvety, rich, delicious cake infused with Madagascar vanilla and paired with sweet and subtle marshmallow fluff. These two ingredients - united together - will take you on an delightful journey with the world’s most perfect vape. -The Golden Pig

Best Menthol Vape

A fresh Variety of chilled honeydew and sweet berries like it came straight from the fridge. -Oneup Vapor

Best Milk Vape

When we set out to make a strawberries and cream flavor we knew we had to make it perfect! Milk of the Poppy is a velvety and luscious combination of rich cream and ripe strawberries; it dances off the tongue on inhale with the perfect amount of strawberries, and when you thought it couldn't get any better it exhales as smooth and creamy as the complex vape that you've come to expect from Vapetasia e-liquids. Small flavor profiles become tiresome on the taste buds, but Milk of the Poppy is ready to please anytime, every day. -Vapetasia

Best Sour Vape

Feel the bite of sour blue raspberry on the inhale and sweet, tangy gummy candies on the exhale. -Vape Craft

Best Tobacco Vape

Similar profile as our award winning Lucky 13 - Creamy Vanilla, Toasted Almond and Caramel but with with a bigger, bolder smooth tobacco finish. -Cafe Racer

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