Beard Vape Co. Ejuice Review

Beard Vape Co. Ejuice Review

One of the most popular brands out there, and well...we can tell why

Beard Vape Co. was founded in Venice, California in the back of a Vape Store called ""Nana's Vape Shop"". Today, Beard Vape Co. has become one of the most popular vape brands in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people everywhere have tried this brand and fallen in love. So, we here at ZampleBox decided to try it out 4 of their flavors: #00, #32, #24, and #71 (all 3mg).

The Set Up: Sigelei 213, with a Mermaid Plus Tank at 83 watts

Round 1: #00

Described as a sweet, tobaccocino - meaning, tobacco and Cappuccino...

Coffee flavors are a hit in miss in the vaping industry, and I'm happy to say, this one hit the mark pretty well. On inhale, you get the tobacco taste with a light coffee taste afterward, and then on exhale, a switch of the flavors. Much more cappuccino / coffee flavor and then the tobacco taste. It lives up to the name for sure, the cream in the cappuccino flavor balances out the bold flavor of coffee and tobacco, without overpowering it. Definitely a powerful tasting e-juice, but is a really good blend. If you're on the hunt for a good coffee e-juice, I'd give this juice a try.

Buy #00 Here for a 30ml for $24.00

Round 2: #24

Described as a rich, sweet and salty caramel malt flavor

WOAH. Ok, so I love trying flavors you just don't see many of, and this my good friend, is one of them. Every time I vape this, I imagine I'm in some old school diner enjoying a salted caramel milkshake. It takes just like that, ane even mimic this richness and thickness of a good malt shake. On inhale, you're getting a lot of the salty caramel and on exhale the whole package delivers. This one caught me off guard, but man this mess is delicious.

30ml bottle of #24 is $17.99, or $16.19 for ZB Family Members, Get yours here!

Round 3: #71

Described as a sweet and sour tang of a peach gummy.

My favorite flavor from Beard Vape Co., HANDS DOWN. I am a huge candy fan, and if you love peach rings, you're going to freakin' love this stuff. It's more on the sweet side of the candy, but there is a touch of sour in there and it balances out this flavor pretty well. Easily an all day vape, if you try any of these flavors, this should be the one you get. So good! Inhale it's just sweet candy flavors, on exhale you get a tad more sweet, peach and then the hint of sour. 5 stars baby, this mess is amazing.

30ml bottle of #71 is $17.99, or $16.19 for ZB Family Members, Get yours here!

Round 4: #32

Described as a cinnamon and sugar covered fried funnel cake pastry, hot and fresh from the concession stand.

Inhale of cinnamon, exhale of a fresh, funnel cake with sugar and a tad more cinnamon. #32 is delicious, don't get me wrong but I definitely don't think it's new and outbreaking. There are a few similar flavors out on the scene, but this is one of the better ones. Great flavor without being overpowering, can be used as an all day vape for sure.

30ml bottle of #32 is $17.99, or $16.19 for ZB Family Members, Get yours here!

Final Thoughts

From the 4 that I tried from Beard Vape Co., I can see why this is a very popular brand throughout the world. The flavors are pretty unique and balanced very well. Absolutely love the branding and the short story behind it. #71 by far was my favorite (purely because I am a candy fiend), and while #32 was my least favorite, it still was really good and if you enjoy dessert flavors try it out!

Have you tried Beard Vape Co., before? What are your thoughts? Should we add these in the box?

Jun 22nd 2022


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