Back 2 College: Campus Vaping Etiquette

Back 2 College: Campus Vaping Etiquette
The end of August is the start of the year for a lot of us heading into the start of our college careers, or maybe it's year two or three for us, who knows. Anyways, some super important things for us to be aware of are our campus rules, being polite with our vape, and of course, being safe. We have a few tips on how to make the college life a little easier for all you academic vapers.


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We cannot express how important it is for everyone to know their campus’ rules! Around 800 campuses are currently e-cig free, and over 1,000 campuses are 100% tobacco free campuses. If you're not allowed to vape on campus, well, DON'T VAPE ON CAMPUS! Go find a cool off-campus spot to enjoy a nice vape and maybe some studying, but the most important thing is being in the know!

2. Carry your vape gear, SAFELY.

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If you're an experienced vaper, you know you should handle your gear with care. Same thing for being on campus, protect your gear and e-juice by making sure you carry your vape appropriately. Make sure to lock your device when you aren’t using it. If you use a mech mod, make sure to engage the locking ring when you’re not vaping. And the last thing you want is loose batteries jingling around in your purse or backpack. That's a disaster waiting to happen.

3. Do NOT vape in the Dorms or Student Housing

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We get it, this is your new spot, but let's be polite here! Even if it so happens you and your roomie are vape pals (score!), don't vape in your dorm room. Go outside, take a walk and vape. Don't be that guy, just don't.

4. Locate the designated ""Smoking"" spots.

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Did we just say that? Yes. Yes we did. We know you're not a smoker, but these are the designated areas for using tobacco products, and most colleges include vaping in all of their smoking rules. If smoking areas are available to you on campus, take note of where those areas are so that you always know the easiest place to get your vape on. It's polite for everyone who doesn't want vape in their face, and you probably won't get hassled by campus security about vaping if you’re in the designated spot.

5. Don’t stealth vape during class.

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Seriously. Don’t be that person. Nobody wants a crack down on vaping on campus because SOMEBODY ignored the rules and got the dean involved… STEVE.

6. Build Safe, Vape Safe.

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Your dorm room, and campus in general, is not the place to be vaping at .0000001 ohms. It's dangerous for you, and people around you. Build safe, build what you know and just vape safely! Do more important studying...

Jun 22nd 2022


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